Get to know our very own attorney, James Fletcher Thompson, or as most know him, Jim. You can read Jim’s professional bio here, but today, get to know a little more of the person you’d meet across the table if you came to our Spartanburg office for help with adoption, assisted reproduction, or a civil litigation case.

What is a favorite/most rewarding part of your job? 

Thankfully, most of the cases that I work on are uncontested. We do, however, have many contested cases pending. While the trial may take a day or two to complete, there are usually countless hours dedicated to the preparation for trial. The most rewarding part of my job is walking into a courthouse knowing that I am as prepared as an attorney can be to present my clients’ case. That requires full knowledge of the facts and the law.

Describe the circumstances that led you to choose this area of work?

I joined my father in law practice in 1989. My dad was already an established adoption attorney. Within a few years of marrying my wife, we learned that if we were going to be parents it would be with the help of assisted reproduction or adoption. I believe it was the personal experience of adopting my three girls that led me to focus my career on building families for others.

Name something you admire or appreciate about a co-worker and why:

I admire my law partner Dale Dove’s perseverance, tenacity, and commitment to justice. When Dale perceives a wrong has been committed, there is no more zealous advocate than he to redress the wrong.

Do you have a favorite local place to eat, relax, or play?

My favorite restaurant in Spartanburg is Gerhard’s Cafe. It is a wonderful European-American restaurant on Spartanburg’s Eastside.

What do you love about living in South Carolina?

I truly hope this does not sound morose, because it is not intended to be. Having lost loved ones over the years, most of whom have lived in South Carolina, I appreciate the closeness of  their memories, which are most vivid as I re-trace their steps, or when I am among family and friends who knew them well. 

Every year after Christmas my family gathers on the property in Saluda, South Carolina. This land has been in our family since the early 1800s. It is in Saluda that I feel most at home.