Adoption in North Charleston: Information and Resources You Need

Whether you’re considering adopting a baby in North Charleston or giving a baby up for adoption in North Charleston, let Thompson Dove Law Group be one of your first calls. Our adoption professionals can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have, help you decide whether adoption is the right path for you and, if so, help you move forward with an adoption plan that works for you.

At Thompson Dove Law Group, we offer more than just a North Charleston adoption attorney — we also offer emotional counseling and case management services for both hopeful adoptive parents and pregnant women considering adoption. For the services we cannot provide in-house, we can also provide references to trusted North Charleston adoption professionals, too.

When you contact our law firm, we will arrange for an in-person meeting or conference phone call to learn more about your adoption goals and needs and to determine what services you require from our professionals. For your convenience, we have an office centrally located in the city at:

222 West Coleman Blvd.
Suite 124
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Before we begin the North Charleston adoption journey with you, we want to make sure you fully understand and are ready for the process ahead of you. Contact us today to learn more and begin your adoption in South Carolina.

Adopting a Baby in North Charleston

What should you know if you are thinking about adopting in North Charleston? Whether you are considering adopting a baby or adopting an older child from foster care, you should be aware of several things before starting.

First, you need to understand how adoption works in North Charleston. Adoption laws here will be the same as adoption laws throughout South Carolina, and the process will be the same in many ways. Our professionals will be happy to explain the adoption process with our law firm and answer any questions you have before starting.

When it comes to the legal process of adoption, know that Thompson Dove Law Group will serve as your legal representation. We will explain all the applicable adoption laws in your case, ensure they are followed, and help you finalize your adoption in your local family court..

In addition to our legal services, you will also be provided emotional support and case management services. This means our staff will guide you through every step of your adoption process, from finding a prospective birth mother to maintaining contact with her to completing any post-placement requirements. For any services that we cannot provide in-house, we will provide you referrals to trusted local North Charleston adoption professionals, such as a North Charleston home study provider or a foster care adoption agency in North Charleston.

Speaking of foster care adoption, if you are interested in this path, contact the local Department of Social Services office for more information about adopting a child from the foster care system:

Charleston County DSS; Region III Division of Adoption Services
3346 Rivers Ave., Suite F
N. Charleston, S.C. 29405

Thompson Dove Law Group can always complete the legal process of finalizing your foster care adoption in North Charleston, when you are ready.

To learn more about adopting a child in North Charleston, contact our adoption professionals today.

Giving a Baby Up for Adoption in North Charleston

What if you are considering giving a baby up for adoption in North Charleston?

First, recognize that choosing adoption is not “giving up.” Instead, you are making the selfless choice to give your baby a life and opportunities that you may not be able to provide yourself — those that an adoptive family can. While adoption is a difficult choice to make, it is a beautiful one, and you should only make it if you are confident it is the right choice for you.

This is where the professionals at Thompson Dove Law Group come in. We respect your right as an expectant mother to choose the path that is best for you and your baby, which is why we will offer you free, no-obligation options counseling. We will answer all of your questions about placing a child for adoption in North Charleston and whether this could be the right path for you.

If you decide to put your baby up for adoption, our adoption counselors will help you create a personalized adoption plan. Because you are in charge of every aspect of your adoption, you will also be in charge of this plan, which will detail things like:

  • The kind of adoptive family you wish to raise your baby
  • How much pre- and post-adoption contact you want with them
  • What you want your delivery plan to look like
  • And more

As part of this plan, you will need to decide who will provide you medical care during your pregnancy and delivery. We can always refer North Charleston medical professionals, but the final choice will always be up to you. These services will always come free to you as a pregnant woman considering adoption.

These medical professionals will respect your adoption decision and provide the medical services you need:

OBGYNs in North Charleston:

Pregnancy Centers in North Charleston:

Giving a baby up for adoption in North Charleston is not a decision you can make overnight, and that’s completely okay. We encourage you to reach out to our adoption professionals for free counseling regarding all of your unplanned pregnancy options to help you make the best decision for you. To learn more today, please call our local counselors at 864-680-8038.

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