Is it Hard to Put a Baby Up for Adoption?

How easy it is to give a child up for adoption? How do I know if I can handle the process of placing a child for adoption?

Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy ask themselves these questions if they are considering adoption for their child. However, these don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. Because adoption is such a personal decision and experience, the answers to these questions will depend upon your personal situation.

So, what is it really like to place a child for adoption?

First, know that you will always be supported through this process. The professionals at Thompson Dove Law Group have helped many women through this emotionally challenging but rewarding journey — and they can help you, too. Our counselors can answer all of the questions you have, as well as explain the details of the adoption process. Along the way, our support can help alleviate how hard it is to put a baby up for adoption in your situation.

Below, you’ll find some information to help answer these questions you may have. But to learn more today, please contact our adoption counselors at 864-680-8038.

How Hard is It to Put a Newborn Baby Up for Adoption?

There are two aspects to the difficulty of placing a baby for adoption in South Carolina: the emotional and the practical. While the process of putting a baby up for adoption is fairly easy, the mental task of placing a child for adoption is more complex.

Often, when expectant mothers ask, “How hard is it to put a newborn baby up for adoption?” they are asking about the emotions of grief and loss they might expect after placement. Adoption is not easy; even though a woman chooses to give her baby the best life with an adoptive family, she often still grieves the adoption of her child and the chance she had to raise them.

Fortunately, there are a few aspects of adoption today that can make it a little easier to place a child with an adoptive family.

Your adoption professional will always be there to provide free counseling before, during and after the adoption process. They will answer any questions you have to ensure this is the right process for you, as well as provide the objective information you need to make the best unplanned pregnancy choice for you.  You will never be forced to choose adoption if you aren’t sure it is the right path for you, but knowing that you will have financial assistance and emotional support can make your adoption process a little easier.

For many prospective birth mothers, the prospect of an open adoption relationship with their baby’s adoptive parents and their child in the future can make their decision easier. When you place your child for adoption, it is not a goodbye; you have the potential of future contact with him or her as they grow up. Open adoption can mean anything from letters and pictures sent by the adoptive parents, to in-person visits, to anything in between. Adoption is not “giving up” a baby, but giving them a chance at a better life as they grow up — a life you will get to see through open adoption.

While women do struggle with the grief and loss of placing a child for adoption, this open adoption knowledge can be incredibly beneficial in healing. Those who are wondering how hard it is to put a baby up for adoption might consider speaking with other birth mothers for advice and personal experience. Our adoption counselors can connect you with other women who have worked with our firm, if this is something that you are interested in.

How Easy is the Process of Putting a Baby Up for Adoption?

While placing a child for adoption can be emotionally difficult, the resources and guidance available to prospective birth mothers means the practical process of placing a child for adoption can be easy. A prospective birth mother never has to go through adoption alone; our adoption professionals are always available to help an expectant mother create an adoption plan that works for her.

Every adoption journey is different, but there are some general steps every prospective birth mother will go through:

Step 1: Decide that adoption is right for her.

Step 2: Choose an adoptive family for her baby and determine her open adoption preferences.

Step 3: Meet the adoptive family, if desired.

Step 4: Create a hospital birth plan.

Step 5: Give birth and sign her adoption consent.

Step 6: Continue post-placement contact with the adoptive family and her baby, if desired.

Our professionals will guide you through this process, using our knowledge and experience to meet your personal adoption goals and needs. Financial assistance and supportive counseling can allow you to focus on what’s really important in your adoption, rather than the practicalities of the process. In this way, it is easy to place a child for adoption, as you will be provided free professional guidance every step of the way.

However, each adoption process is unique. The steps which may be difficult for some prospective birth mothers will be easier for others. Whatever your adoption journey requires, remember that our professionals will be here to guide you through it.

To learn more about the realities of the modern adoption process, please contact our law firm today.

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