Available Adoption Services in S.C.

When you’re first researching the adoption process, all of the adoption services you’ll need may seem overwhelming. Luckily, when you work with Thompson Dove Law Group, we’ll provide almost every single one of the adoption services you need for a successful adoption — and for those that we don’t, we’ll make sure you have the referrals to trusted professionals that you need.

No matter what kind of adoption you complete, you’ll need adoption assistance for the financial, emotional, logistical and legal aspects involved. We can help.

To learn more about the adoption services we offer, please call us anytime at 864-573-5533. Below, we list some of the adoption help we provide to those who complete their adoption with us.

1. Screening Services

Every prospective adoptive family and birth mother that works with our law firm is screened to make sure they’re fully ready for adoption.

For prospective adoptive parents, this not only includes financial screening to make sure they understand and can afford the costs associated with the adoption process, but also emotional adoption counseling to determine whether a family is ready for all the joys and challenges of raising an adopted child. Adoptive families will also need to complete an adoption home study as part of the screening process; we can refer you to a qualified home study provider.

Whenever a prospective adoptive parent or birth parent contacts us, we will schedule a one-on-one consultation with them. This is the first step in our screening process and allows us to provide them with general adoption information, answer any questions they have and better explain what to expect from the adoption process, no matter what kind of adoption they complete. These meetings can give us a good idea of whether a prospective birth parent or adoptive parent is really ready for adoption.

2. Matching Services

One of the most important aspects of your private domestic adoption will be finding a prospective birth mother. While some adoptive families decide to find a pregnant woman considering adoption on their own, it can be a complicated process that makes you more vulnerable to an adoption disruption or even adoption fraud. When you work with an adoption professional like us, however, you can know that any prospective birth mother you are matched with has received services and support that prepare her to make an informed decision about her adoption plan.

Our prospective adoptive families are matched with a prospective birth mother later in her pregnancy, reducing the risk of an adoption disruption. As part of our matching program, all prospective adoptive families and birth mothers discuss in advance what they envision in an ideal adoption plan to aid in the creating a successful match. Our extensive network of adoption professionals and our adoption advertising outreach program ensures that we are continually available to expectant parents considering adoption in hopes to reduce the time you will wait for a match.

3. Adoption Support and Counseling Services

What makes us different from other adoption law firms? It’s our ability to provide adoption counseling from trained social workers.

We understand that adoption can be an emotional journey for both prospective adoptive parents and birth parents, which is why we think it’s so important that you are provided adoption support throughout the process. Whenever you have questions or concerns, our social workers can offer you the support and information you need from within our law offices. By having readily available counseling services, we not only make the adoption process easier for you but reduce the likelihood of a prospective birth mother changing her mind about her adoption decision.

4. Contact Mediation

By having social workers on staff, we can also offer adoption services for managing communication between you and the prospective birth mother. While some adoptive families are comfortable handling open adoption communication on their own, this mediation can help you and a prospective birth parent feel more comfortable as you get to know each other — and that’s why our trained social workers are available to help you develop and maintain a healthy relationship. After your adoption is complete, we can also help mediate future contact between you and your child’s birth mother if you did not exchange identifying information. We offer mediation services for life, with a dedicated social worker specifically handling reunions between birth parents and adopted children as part of our post-adoption services.

5. Legal Services

Thompson Dove Law Group can provide all of your legal adoption services, whether you complete an infant adoption, a foster care adoption or another type of adoption process. Because every adoption requires the transfer of parental rights and other legal processes, our legal services will ensure that your adoption is completed efficiently and according to all applicable South Carolina laws. You will always need an attorney to finalize an adoption, and working with Thompson Dove Law Group is the first step to making sure your legal process will proceed as smoothly as possible.

To prevent a conflict of interest, we do not complete home studies for prospective adoptive families that work with us. However, we will refer you to trusted home study professionals in South Carolina to complete your home study.

This article is just a basic list of all of the adoption services our law firm provides, so we encourage you to call our office at 864-573-5533 to learn more about how we can help in your individual adoption situation. Remember, if you’re looking for adoption assistance in South Carolina, Thompson Dove Law Group can help.

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