Surrogacy in North Charleston: How Palmetto Surrogacy Can Help

Considering surrogacy in North Charleston? You’ve come to the right place.

Here at Thompson Dove Law Group, we are dedicated to giving prospective surrogates and intended parents the information they need to pursue a safe and successful surrogacy journey. Whether that’s answering your questions or directing you to local professionals that can meet your needs, we are here to help.

To that end, we’ve created this guide to local North Charleston surrogacy professionals. Here, you can learn a bit more about every professional required in your upcoming journey, exactly why they are necessary, and where you can find the appropriate professional for your needs.

In the meantime, remember that our team of professionals is always available to answer your questions about surrogacy in North Charleston when you contact us online or call us at 864-573-5533, selecting option 2.

Searching for surrogacy resources in the greater Charleston area? Check out our guide here.

Looking for a Surrogacy Agency in North Charleston? Let Us Help

The first question you should ask yourself: Do I want to complete an independent surrogacy, or do I want to work with a surrogacy agency in North Charleston?

Either path is a viable option, and there is no “right” decision — just what’s right for you. But, if you are finding the initial steps of a surrogacy in North Charleston to be overwhelming or confusing, you may benefit from the services that a local surrogacy program like Palmetto Surrogacy at Thompson Dove Law Group.

In essence, a surrogacy agency or program is a “one-stop shop” for all of your surrogacy needs. You will often be assigned a case manager, who will guide you through every step of the process and connect you with any services and professionals you may need along the way.

If you are looking at surrogacy agencies in North Charleston or elsewhere in South Carolina, we encourage you to consider our full-service program at Thompson Dove Law Group. Our surrogacy program offers many of the same services as other surrogacy agencies, including:

  • Pre-screening to ensure your eligibility for surrogacy
  • Matching services to find the intended parents or gestational carrier who meet your criteria
  • References to trusted additional professionals (more on that below)
  • Emotional and practical support through every step of your surrogacy
  • Communication and coordination with additional surrogacy professionals
  • And more

We know that every prospective surrogate and intended parent has specific goals when it comes to their surrogacy journey. That’s why we are happy to tailor the services we offer to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a full-service surrogacy program or a few specific services that you can’t find elsewhere, we are happy to help.

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How Jim Thompson Can Be Your North Charleston Surrogacy Attorney

Whether or not you take advantage of the services offered by surrogacy agencies in North Charleston, you will still need to work with a surrogacy attorney to safely and legally complete your journey. To the inexperienced, surrogacy in South Carolina can be scary — but don’t let the lack of  surrogacy specific statutes dissuade you from moving forward. Know that attorney Jim Thompson has helped many people like you reach their surrogacy goals.

When you choose Jim Thompson as your North Charleston surrogacy attorney, he will take care of your legal requirements by:

  • Evaluating your surrogacy plan for legal issues and complications
  • Drafting and finalizing your surrogacy contract
  • Establishing intended parents’ parental rights and terminating the gestational carrier’s presumed parental rights.
  • And providing other legal counsel throughout your surrogacy journey

Whether you are an intended parent or prospective surrogate in South Carolina, you need experienced legal counsel to represent your rights and interests. Schedule a consultation with attorney Jim Thompson today to add him to your surrogacy team.

Surrogacy Clinics in North Charleston (and Nearby)

Just as you will need a legal professional to guide you through the legalities of a North Charleston surrogacy, you will need a medical professional to complete the embryo transfer process required in gestational surrogacy. Most of the time, this medical process is completed by a surrogacy clinic (also known as a fertility clinic).

Intended parents completing a South Carolina surrogacy are often able to use the fertility clinic they have an existing relationship with (often from previous infertility treatments). Whether that is a surrogacy clinic in North Charleston or elsewhere in the region, the intended parents will need to cover their surrogate’s travel and medical costs during this process.

If you don’t yet have a fertility clinic in mind, please speak with a reproductive endocrinologist at one of these clinics before starting the surrogacy process with our team:

Hospitals in North Charleston

The final professional you’ll need in any surrogacy journey is an obstetrician and delivery hospital. While the early steps of the North Charleston surrogacy process will be completed by a surrogacy clinic, once a pregnancy is confirmed, a surrogate will receive her prenatal care from a local obstetrician of her choice.

A surrogate will work with her obstetrician and the intended parents to create a delivery plan at the hospital most convenient for her. Because surrogates who work with our program are typically matched with local intended parents, the two parties are often able to be active participants in the childbirth process.

If you are a gestational surrogate in a North Charleston surrogacy without a preferred medical professional, consider talking to professionals at some of these local hospitals:

Remember:  Your surrogate medical costs will always be covered by your intended parents.

Wherever you are in your personal surrogacy journey, know that our team is here to answer your questions about surrogacy in North Charleston and exactly how we can guide you through the process ahead. Call our offices today at 864-573-5533, selecting option 2 to learn more.

While this article presents many great options for North Charleston surrogacy professionals, it is by no means extensive. For a full list of local resources for your surrogacy journey, please contact our surrogacy team.

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