Meet Our Families

Jamil is an American-born male, age 52, who describes himself as an avid reader who enjoys athletic activities, going on hikes with his wife, Lara, and their 5-year old dog, Zoe. Lara is an American-born female, 40 years of age, who describes herself as a very girly tomboy who enjoys running, gardening and spending time at the beach with her husband, Jamil. Their favorite tv show is Bob's Burgers. They both love children and would love to become parents.

While all the families featured on our website are approved for adoption and awaiting placement, your interest in a particular family does not guarantee that you will be matched with that family.  We have many families who choose not to have an online profile.  Once you contact our office and if you feel adoption is right for you, you will be shown all appropriate family profiles

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