Surrogacy in Charleston: How Palmetto Surrogacy Can Help

Gestational surrogacy is a popular family-building option for South Carolina intended parents — and selfless South Carolina women who want to help those parents reach their goals. If you live in our state’s oldest city, know that a surrogacy in Charleston is 100 percent a possibility for you.

When you start your Charleston surrogacy journey, it’s easy to become confused. After all, how can you move forward with surrogacy in a state with no surrogacy specific statutes regulating the process? How do you know what your first steps should be when there are so many moving parts involved?

Thompson Dove Law Group are here to help. We know that surrogacy can be overwhelming at the start, which is why we can answer all of your questions and give you the local resources you need for your surrogacy in Charleston. In fact, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about Charleston surrogacy below to help you get started!

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Looking for a Surrogacy Agency in Charleston? Let Us Help

Choosing the right professional for your Charleston surrogacy journey can be tough. Fortunately, our Palmetto Surrogacy program is here to offer whatever kind of services you may need as a gestational carrier or intended parent.

Whether or not you’re considering working with a surrogacy agency in Charleston, S.C., know that Thompson Dove Law Group can fill that role in a unique way. If you’re looking for a full-service Charleston surrogacy program to guide you through every step of the process, our Palmetto Surrogacy team of professionals can do just that. Want a more pared-down surrogacy program experience? We can tailor our offered services to exactly what you want and need.

If you choose our program for your Charleston surrogacy journey, you can expect these services and more:

  • Pre-screening to ensure your eligibility for surrogacy
  • Matching services to find the intended parents or gestational carrier who meet your criteria
  • References to trusted additional professionals (more on that below)
  • Emotional and practical support through every step of your surrogacy
  • Communication and coordination with additional surrogacy professionals

Whatever your personal needs are, our team of surrogacy professionals is here to help. Many of our clients have found the assistance of our surrogacy program to be invaluable, especially if they are embarking on a surrogacy experience for the very first time.

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How Jim Thompson Can Be Your Charleston Surrogacy Attorney

It’s no secret: The legalities of surrogacy in South Carolina can be scary at first. But, don’t let the lack of surrogacy specific statute in this state dissuade you — attorney Jim Thompson has helped many intended parents and gestational carriers reach their dreams, and he can help you too.

Those who choose our South Carolina surrogacy program get all the advantages of working with a law-firm-owned surrogacy program. But, even if you complete an independent surrogacy, attorney Jim Thompson is here for you.

Every gestational carrier and intended parent or couple needs a separate attorney to protect their rights and interests. If the gestational carrier or indented parent resides in or near the Charleston area, they may benefit from having a Charleston surrogacy attorney represent them. Attorney Jim Thompson represents intended parents by:

  • Evaluating your surrogacy plan for legal issues and complications
  • Drafting or reviewing and finalizing your surrogacy contract
  • Establishing intended parents’ parental rights and terminating the gestational carrier’s presumed parental rights.
  • And potentially providing other legal counsel throughout your surrogacy journey

If you are a gestational carrier whose intended parents’ work with Jim Thompson, he will be happy to provide referrals to appropriate Charleston surrogacy lawyers at no charge to you. For non-program surrogacy arrangements, Jim Thompson is available to represent either the intended parents or gestational carrier.

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Surrogacy Clinics in Charleston (and Nearby)

There are a few other surrogacy professionals you need to work with during this journey. One is a surrogacy clinic (also known as a fertility clinic). You may work with a surrogacy clinic in Charleston, or you may have a clinic located elsewhere in mind. In most cases, either should work for your medical process.

If you are an intended parent, you probably already have a surrogacy clinic in mind, especially if you have undergone previous infertility treatments. If you are a gestational carrier, you will most likely work with your intended parents’ fertility clinic for steps such as pre-surrogacy medical screening, fertility medication protocol, and the embryo transfer process. While your intended parents may not have a local Charleston surrogacy clinic, know that your travel costs (as well as your medical costs) will always be completely free to you.

But, what if you’re an intended parent who hasn’t yet chosen a surrogacy clinic? We’ve gathered a few local resources you may consider:

Hospitals in Charleston

Once a pregnancy is confirmed at the intended parents’ fertility clinic, a gestational carrier can receive the rest of her prenatal care at a local Charleston obstetrician of her choice. Her medical expenses will always be covered by the intended parents, who will likely join her at certain ultrasounds and other important appointments during the next nine months.

Toward the end of the second trimester, the gestational carrier and intended parents will create a hospital plan for their Charleston surrogacy, often with the assistance of the social worker of the law firm. This will detail exactly where the baby will be born, what kind of medical procedures will be performed after birth, what kind of medical treatment a surrogate receives during labor, what expectations the intended parents should have in preparation for their child’s hospital stay, and more.

A gestational carrier typically has the right to choose which medical professional she wants during her Charleston surrogacy — so here are a few local options to consider when planning for the baby’s arrival:

Choosing a Charleston surrogacy professional is a big deal — but we truly believe that here, at Thompson Dove Law Group, we can offer all of the services you need for a successful South Carolina surrogacy experience. Please call us today at 864-573-5533, selecting option 2 to schedule your initial consultation.

Keep in mind: While this article presents many great options for Charleston surrogacy professionals, it is by no means extensive. For a full list of local resources for your surrogacy journey, please contact our surrogacy team.

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