Whether you are considering becoming a surrogate or growing your own family through surrogacy, Thompson Dove Law Group can guide you through every step of the process and we would be happy for you to consider Palmetto Surrogacy for your experience.

Our full-service Gestational Surrogacy Program offers everything you need to feel comfortable and confident in your surrogacy journey, including:

Advertising, Screening and Matching Services

Unlike many other law firms, we offer comprehensive matching services, complete with advertising for potential gestational carriers and screening of intended parents and potential gestational carriers prior to match. Through our screening process, we are committed to helping you find a qualified match with a person or couple whose surrogacy goals and preferences align with your own.

Counseling And Support

We are proud to be the only South Carolina based gestational surrogacy program that has a licensed social worker on staff to provide support throughout the surrogacy process. In addition to completing the home visits of potential gestational carriers who are interested in our program, our program provides ongoing monthly support via our social worker to gestational carriers admitted to our program after a match has occurred.

Case Management

Our staff will coordinate the entire surrogacy process for you, handling the matching, medical, and legal processes of surrogacy.

Legal Services

Our law firm is passionate about protecting the rights of our clients through every step of the South Carolina surrogacy process. In addition to providing a list of reputable attorneys in South Carolina to the gestational carriers working with our program, we draft and negotiate the all-important surrogacy contract on behalf of our clients, the intended parents, and complete the necessary legal proceedings to establish the intended parents’ rights, and more.

Coordination With Your Fertility Clinic And Medical Providers

All gestational carriers, their partners, and intended parents will need to work with the intended parents’ fertility clinic to undergo medical screening and complete the IVF process. Our firm has a positive working relationship with the fertility clinics in South Carolina and keeps an open line of communication with the clinics throughout the screening and transfer process to make sure expectations are met. Once there is a viable pregnancy and the gestational surrogate is released from the fertility clinic, she is typically able to see her established OBGYN for the remainder of the pregnancy. The law firm’s social worker will work closely with all parties and the delivering hospital in preparation for the birth to minimize the unknowns and ensure everyone has appropriate expectations set as delivery draws near.

Financial Management

Finances are an important part of any surrogacy journey, and it’s critical to ensure they are handled correctly. Our program staff will assist you in establishing a third-party escrow account to manage the financial aspects of the surrogacy process. We review all financial disbursements in order to ensure that they are authorized by the gestational surrogacy contract and will provide you with regular statements throughout the process.