Pregnant and Considering Adoption?


We provide complete services tailored to meet your needs and preferences. We offer confidential counselling with no pressure or obligation to you.

We are here to help you explore an adoption plan for your child. Everything will be confidential.

Adoption is not the answer for every woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy. However, we believe adoption is a loving, unselfish act.

There will be no cost to you at any time.

Call our adoption counsellors, who are located in South Carolina, near you. We are available to talk with you day, night or weekends. We are here to help.

Questions You May Be Asking Yourself…

If you are unable to provide the care that your child needs at this time in your life, adoption is a loving choice. It is not an easy decision, but it can be a responsible and courageous act of love.

Our adoptive parents admire your strength and courage. Your child will know that an adoption plan is not made because of a lack of love, but instead because you want him or her to have all of life’s blessings and opportunities.

Yes, we encourage you to put your thoughts and feelings in a letter to the baby. Usually the adoptive couple puts the letter in a safe place to give to the child when he is old enough to understand. You may also send photos of yourself, the birth father and your family. This letter will be a treasured keepsake of the child in the years to come.

South Carolina Law allows adoptive parents to be responsible for the medical care as well as other reasonable living expenses. There is no cost to you.

Our families have been thoroughly screened and their backgrounds verified by a home study provider. Just like we do for you, we protect their confidentiality. However, we can tell you general information such as their religious preference, whether they have any other children, in what state they live, and if you desire, we can arrange a meeting between you and the adoptive couple. Also, some adoptive parents are receptive to an open adoption.

No, not usually.

Birth mothers sometimes locate adoptive couples through their family and friends. This is called identified adoption. The prospective adoptive parents must have a home study. The prospective adoptive parents may contact us to assist with the adoption.

Yes. We encourage the father to be involved, if he desires. He can help you to select the prospective adoptive couple and be supportive of you during this time. He can also provide a medical history which would be helpful in the years to come to the child.

We would like as much information as possible about the birth father. However, there are times when a birth father is not supportive of a birth mother. If the birth father has not lived with the birth mother for six consecutive months immediately preceding the baby being placed for adoption, or if he has failed to contribute financially, then the birth father’s consent to the adoption is not required. Therefore, if the birth father has not lived with you or been financially supportive of you, you are free to make an adoption plan without his consent. If you are married to the birth father, the rules are different.

We can discuss the adoption plan that is right for you and show you adoptive parent profiles based on your preferences.


A consent for adoption cannot be signed by the birth mother or birth father until the baby is born. Usually the papers are signed by you before you leave the hospital.

Yes, we have an adoption counselor on call day and night. In addition, we would be happy to arrange private counseling sessions before and after the placement of the child for adoption, at no cost to you. You may choose the counselor or we will be glad to refer you to a private counselor.

We work with the hospitals to make sure your hospital stay is handled the way you want it to be. You have choices in the hospital such as: keeping the baby in the nursery or in your room; being placed in another, more quiet area of the hospital; deciding whether to see the baby; deciding who to have with you in labor and delivery; deciding when to sign the consent for adoption; deciding if you are going to allow visitors or calls.

Usually, the baby is placed with the adoptive family soon after the baby isdischarged from the hospital and after adoption papers have been signed.

We ask that you be honest with us, regularly attend prenatal appointments, provide medical and social background information, keep in regular contact with us, and take good care of yourself.

If you desire to be reunited later in life, you will sign a statement agreeing to be contacted if the child desires to contact you. This statement will be part of your permanent file. You will need to keep a current address with our office so we can locate you.

Call us right now. We are available day and night to answer your questions.

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