Can You Have a Secret Adoption in South Carolina?

Often, women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and do not want to share their news with their friends and family ask, “Can I have a secret adoption in South Carolina?”

We know that many prospective birth mothers have valid reasons for keeping adoption a secret. A woman may fear repercussions from unsupportive family members and friends, or her pregnancy and adoption may affect her career and other aspects of her life. While a secret adoption is not the ideal situation for everyone, there are methods through which a prospective birth mother can keep her pregnancy and adoption plan private to protect herself and her unborn child.

At Thompson Dove Law Group, our adoption professionals will take every step to protect your rights and safety during your adoption process. To learn more about what a confidential adoption is like in South Carolina, please contact our offices.

South Carolina Laws Regarding Confidential Adoption

Certain state laws exist to protect a woman’s right to an anonymous adoption, if she so desires. If you are interested in a secret adoption in which your identity is confidential, our adoption counselors can explain the laws in this situation.

South Carolina adoption law protects the ability of those petitioning for an adoption to use “fictitious names where necessary to avoid disclosure of identities of parties or persons.” In addition, all South Carolina adoption hearings are confidential and held in closed court. All files and records of the adoption are confidential and will remain sealed after the adoption is complete. No one can access these files except for by order of the court.

However, keep in mind that your non-identifying information will be provided to your baby’s adoptive family. This information will include your health and medical histories, as well as the medical histories of your extended family members that you will be asked to provide. Your identifying information will be omitted from this paperwork, making it anonymous. Your child’s adoptive family will use this information to ensure your child is given the proper medical care they need during their life.

In South Carolina, your child’s original birth certificate is not released to the adoptive parents.

If you have questions about the laws regarding confidential adoption in South Carolina, Thompson Dove Law Group can ensure you have access to professionals who can provide accurate information to you regarding your adoption plan.

How Our Professional Can Assist in Your Secret Adoption

At Thompson Dove Law Group, our professionals will always oblige your desires for a confidential adoption. We will ensure the proper legalities are taken care of, and we will take additional steps to protect your identity.

Some prospective birth mothers want their adoption kept secret and desire adoption- and pregnancy-related services located outside of their hometown. That way, they can avoid running into family members and friends during these appointments. Our adoption counselors can help you obtain prenatal care in a different city than your own, if you want. In addition, our adoption counselors can talk with you about your wishes regarding your time in the hospital and what privacy options are available to you. You may also be eligible for financial assistance for these travel and medical costs to make this a possibility for you.

If your personal situation deems new housing a necessity for your safety, our adoption professionals can also help you find a safe, stable place to spend the rest of your pregnancy.

Know that when you complete an adoption with our law firm, your personal information will always be protected. While we will need certain information to start your adoption process and help you find a family, our law firm, by law, cannot disclose your identifying information to that family. Our records of your adoption will remain sealed; your open adoption preferences will determine how much information about you the adoptive family will receive.

What to Consider Before Keeping Adoption a Secret from Friends and Family

It can be difficult to tell your friends and family about your unplanned pregnancy and adoption plan, especially if they will disapprove of your choice. However, before you choose to keep your adoption a secret, consider the benefits of including a supportive friend or family member in your journey.

Hiding your pregnancy is possible, but it can be challenging. If you have a trusted friend with whom you can live during your pregnancy, you can avoid the necessity of baggy clothes and the emotional exhaustion of having no one to share your thoughts with.

A friend or family member can provide much-needed support during your adoption journey. It can be helpful to have someone be there with you during your doctor’s appointments or to listen to you when you are coping with difficult emotions. It will likely be incredibly challenging to go through the adoption process without a support system. While you will always receive supportive counseling from our professionals, a friend or family member can often provide an opportunity for comfort that an adoption professional can’t.

If you are not sure how to explain your pregnancy and adoption plans to your friends and family members, our counselors can offer advice and support to help you prepare for these conversations. Having helpful information and literature about the adoption process can make this conversation a little easier and ease any concerns that your loved ones may have. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how adoption really works today, which can play a large role in someone’s negative view of this process. If necessary, our adoption counselors can answer the questions your loved ones have and even mediate a conversation between you.

Ultimately, you are the only one who can decide whether a secret adoption is right for you. However much information you are willing to share, our adoption professionals can help you make the adoption plan that’s right for you.

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