What to Know About Giving an Older Child Up for Adoption

Sometimes, women ask, “Is an older child adoption possible in my situation?”

The answer is yes. Whether your baby is days, weeks or even months old, you can still choose adoption to give them a different life. Choosing to put an older child up for adoption after you have taken them home from the hospital is a difficult but incredibly selfless choice to make — and our law firm can help you through every step ahead.

Below, you’ll find some crucial information about putting an older child up for adoption with our law firm. If you have any questions or concerns about your personal situation, you can always contact our professionals for free at 864-680-8038 or online.

Is an Older Child Adoption Possible in South Carolina?

Sometimes, mothers to new babies find themselves unprepared for the difficulties of being a parent. Recognizing that they cannot give their child all the opportunities they deserve, they ask, “Can I give an older child up for adoption in South Carolina?”

Just as there is a path for expectant mothers to place their children for adoption right after birth, there is also a path for those mothers who decide to put an older child up for adoption days, weeks, or months after they are born. These women may be struggling financially, feel they cannot properly parent their child at this time in their life, or simply want to give more to their baby than what they currently can. If you’re in this situation, know that you are not alone.

The truth is, when you give an older child up for adoption, you will have many of the same choices as a woman who chooses adoption during her pregnancy or at the time of her baby’s birth. You have the right to talk with an attorney or licensed professional counselor, at no cost to you, to help you consider your options and understand your rights.

How to Put an Older Child Up for Adoption

Women who are considering putting an older child up for adoption should contact our law firm to learn more about the process ahead of them. While there may be slight differences in the process due to your child’s age, your adoption journey will include some key similarities as an adoption that takes place immediately after a child’s birth.

You will be able to choose your child’s parents: There are many adoptive parents who are willing to adopt a child who is older than a newborn. While many of these people work with the state foster care system, there are also those who are hopeful of adopting a child older than the typical infant in a private domestic infant adoption. You will still have the chance to view adoptive family profiles to choose the one that is best for your child, and you may have the chance to get to know them through an open adoption relationship, as well, if you wish.

You will receive counseling and support through every step of the process: Our professionals can provide counseling to help you ensure this is the right path for you. Once you understand exactly what adoption involves, our team will guide you through every step and make sure you are comfortable with your decision. If you are considering continuing to parent, we can also connect you to local resources to help you move forward.

You will receive free adoption services: All of your adoption and legal counseling will be provided free of charge to you if you want to place an older child for adoption. While you may not be eligible for as much financial assistance as a pregnant woman, our law firm will make sure your adoption process comes at no financial burden to you.

You will be in charge every step of the way: No matter how old your child is, you will still have the final say in every part of your adoption process. You will decide how to give your older child up for adoption in a way with which you are comfortable. You will never be obligated to choose adoption until you are confident it is the right choice for your family.

You will be giving your child a chance at the life they deserve, not “giving them up”: Adoption can be a selfless, beautiful decision to put the needs of your child before the personal desires you may have. While people tend to use the term “give up” when speaking about adoption, that this is not how the process works. Choosing adoption is not “giving up” on your child, even if you originally planned to parent them — it’s giving them the opportunities you cannot provide yourself.

How Our Law Firm Will Be Your Advocate

At Thompson Dove Law Group, we believe there is always a family for every child being placed for adoption. We will help you find that family if you are considering putting an older child up for adoption in South Carolina.

Whatever circumstances have led you to place an older child for adoption, you will be able to take control of your child’s future by placing them for adoption with a pre-screened, home-study-approved family who is ready to provide all the opportunities your child needs. Our team will also provide the counseling you need for this process. We know that placing an older child for adoption can be even more emotionally complex than placing an infant for adoption at birth, especially when you have already spent time bonding with your baby. Whatever choice you make, we will be here to help you.

Please contact our law firm today to learn more about finding a safe home for your child if you feel that you can no longer care for him or her yourself.

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