Your Adoption Rights – “Can I Get My Child Back After Adoption in South Carolina?”

Whether a birth mother has already placed her child for adoption or is still considering adoption for her unborn child, it can be a very stressful time in her life. Therefore, under the stress and uncertainty of her feelings about adoption, it’s not unusual for her to wonder at some point, “Can I get my baby back after adoption?”

If you’re a prospective birth mother wondering the same question, it’s important that you fully understand your adoption rights before pursuing this path. There are strict laws regarding parental rights after you give up a child for adoption in South Carolina, and you must recognize them before signing your adoption consent.

Under South Carolina law, a woman considering an adoption plan is allowed the opportunity to discuss adoption rights as a prospective birth mother in this process with an attorney at no cost to her; our law firm can provide referrals to trusted professionals. Only after you acknowledge those rights can you sign your adoption consent after your child is born. Adoption is a final decision that should only be made when you are sure it’s the right path for you.

Your Adoption Rights in South Carolina

To start, understand your adoption rights in South Carolina before legally consenting to the adoption.

When you give your consent for your child to be adopted in South Carolina, there is no revocation period. South Carolina law requires that, when you give your consent, you also state that you understand it may not be withdrawn except under specific circumstances. Once you sign your consent at any point after your child is born, you must know that you will have no parental rights after you give up a child for adoption.

In the best interest of the adoptee, the law makes it rare for adoption consent to be withdrawn. Therefore, it’s critical that you understand the repercussions of your legal consent before signing this legal document. Until you sign this paperwork, you will always have the right to change your mind about your adoption decision, no matter how far along you are in your adoption plan.

What if you have already given your consent and are considering revoking it? Reach out to our professionals to help process your feelings and explore what options may be available to you through your birth mother rights in open adoption. In many cases, if you’re asking how to get your child back after adoption, you may be able to find a communication solution to alleviate your fears about your child’s future.

Your Rights When Working with Our Professionals

When you work with the professionals at Thompson Dove Law Group, we will always respect your rights as an expectant mother. We promise that:

  • You will have time to explore all of your options and to make your own decisions, free from duress or coercion. We will not judge you or tell you what decision is right for you — just provide you objective information to guide your research process.
  • You have the option of receiving counseling from our law firm or to be referred to a private, confidential counselor before and after the adoption, at no cost to you. You may always refuse services that are offered to you.
  • We will respect your privacy. We will not provide information about you or your adoption plan to anyone without your consent. You will be entitled to receive a copy of all documents that you sign.
  • If you choose to make an adoption plan for your child, you will receive accurate information about the prospective adoptive family. You can always select the adoptive family that is right for you and your child.
  • We will assist you in finding proper medical care for you with a physician who cares about you and respects your adoption plan.
  • We can assist you with reasonable living expenses, as allowed by law. Any payments made will never obligate you to choose adoption for your child.
  • Your stay in the hospital will be designed by you, in accordance with hospital policies. You may name your child on the original birth certificate, and you will decide how much time to spend with the baby, including whether the adoptive family will visit you.
  • You will have the right to an open adoption relationship with your child, and our professionals can mediate the sending of letters, gifts and photos to the adoptive family.

Our professionals will always respect your legal adoption rights to do what you think is best for you and your baby.

What to Consider Before Choosing Adoption

If you are a birth mother who has already placed her child for adoption and is asking, “How can I get my child back after adoption in South Carolina?” you can always contact us to learn about the options available for your individual situation.

But, if you are still considering adoption and asking, “Can I get my child back after adoption?” you may not yet be ready to make this life-changing decision. It may be beneficial for you to speak with our adoption counselors to make sure you’re in the right place to choose adoption. There is absolutely no shame in taking as much time as you need.

We encourage you to truly evaluate whether you are ready to make this adoption decision. While you may be overwhelmed with your situation, here are a few things to consider about any doubts or concerns you’re having about adoption:

  • Could these feelings be temporary? It is completely normal to become overwhelmed and question your resolve about adoption. However, it’s important that you understand the difference between a passing thought and a serious consideration. When you’re asking yourself, “Can I get my child back after adoption?” is it a serious question, or are you simply having normal feelings of doubt? Look back on the reasons why you considered adoption in the first place; if they no longer apply, your questions may indicate a change in your mind.
  • Are you worried about open adoption communication? Sometimes, when a prospective birth mother doubts her adoption plans, it’s because she’s worried about post-adoption contact — fearing that she will never see her child again after she places them. However, when you work with our professionals, we will help you find an adoptive family committed to upholding your open adoption contact and, if needed, mediate that contact moving forward.
  • Are you being honest about your feelings? Perhaps the most important thing for you to do is seriously evaluate how you are feeling about your adoption. Your friends, family and adoption professionals may be doing all they can to help you make the right choice but, at the end of the day, you are the only one who can decide what is best for you. If you’re not being completely honest with yourself about what you’re feeling, it will only make your adjustment period post-adoption that much harder.

If you’re asking yourself, “Can I get my baby back after adoption in South Carolina?” you are likely in a very difficult situation — but you don’t have to go through it alone. Our professionals are here to help, whether through providing you legal advice about your South Carolina adoption rights or counseling you through your emotions and thoughts. We will help you make sure you are prepared for and confident in your adoption decision before moving forward.

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