Adoption in Rock Hill: Information and Resources You Need

If you are considering adoption in Rock Hill, S.C. — whether as a hopeful adoptive parent or prospective birth parent — Thompson Dove Law Group can help.

A South Carolina adoption involves many moving parts, and it’s important that you have an experienced Rock Hill adoption professional by your side to guide you through this journey. Our adoption counselors and adoption attorneys work throughout the state of South Carolina, and we can help you complete an adoption in Rock Hill when you are ready.

To learn more, please contact our adoption professionals. We will set up an in-person meeting or conference call to discuss your adoption goals and preferences and explain the process ahead of you. We will also list our Rock Hill adoption services, including legal services and case management, as well as provide references to any other adoption professionals you may need in your journey. Together with you, we will create an adoption plan for moving forward.

Below, you’ll also find some important Rock Hill adoption information to help you get started. For your convenience, you can contact us at:

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Adopting a Baby in Rock Hill

Are you considering adopting in Rock Hill? Congratulations — by coming to this page, you have taken the first step to adding a new member to your family.

Adoption is a beautiful family-building process, and we are honored to have helped create many families this way. Whether you are looking to adopt an infant or adopt an older child from foster care, Thompson Dove Law Group can serve as your adoption law firm in Rock Hill. We will explain the legal process of adoption, including the adoption laws in Rock Hill that may apply to your situation, and guide you through the process of parental consent and adoption finalization. Adoption cannot be completed without an experienced adoption attorney, and you can be reassured that your legal rights are protected when you work with our law firm.

Our professionals also offer case management and emotional support services for your Rock Hill adoption. This means our social workers will guide you through every step of the adoption process, from finding a prospective birth mother to being there for her delivery to continuing your open adoption contact after placement.

For the services we cannot provide in-house, we will provide you references to trusted local Rock Hill adoption professionals — for example, a Rock Hill home study provider or a foster care adoption agency in Rock Hill.

If you are interested in a foster care adoption, Thompson Dove Law Group can always serve as your Rock Hill adoption attorney. However, you should contact your local Department of Social Services adoption office for more information about finding an adoption opportunity:

Region II (Rock Hill) Division of Adoption Services
454 South Anderson Road, BTC 515, Suite 101
Rock Hill, SC 29730

For more information on adopting a child in Rock Hill, S.C., please contact our law offices today.

Giving a Baby Up for Adoption in Rock Hill

Choosing to place your baby for adoption in Rock Hill is a decision you should only make after you fully understand the process and its ramifications. While adoption is a beautiful, selfless way to give your child the life they may not have with you, it’s not always the right decision for everyone. Let the trained adoption counselors at our law firm answer any questions you have and help you make the right choice for you.

When you contact our adoption counselors, you are never obligated to choose adoption. We will discuss all of your unplanned pregnancy options with you and, if you decide to pursue adoption, we will help you create an adoption plan that meets your personal needs and goals. You will be in charge of your adoption plan; you will get to choose the adoptive family who will raise your baby, the amount of post-placement contact you have with them, what your delivery plan will look like, and more. Your adoption counselor will be there every step of the way to ensure your comfort and confidence while placing your child for adoption in Rock Hill.

There will be additional services you need during your Rock Hill adoption, mainly medical ones to keep you and your developing baby healthy. Our adoption counselors will provide references to local Rock Hill professionals who will respect your adoption decision. A few are listed below, but the decision of who to receive medical care from will always be up to you:

Hospitals in Rock Hill:

Pregnancy Centers in Rock Hill:

These services will always be free to you as an expectant woman considering adoption, and you may even receive additional financial assistance for other living expenses.

Finally, remember this: Giving a baby up for adoption in Rock Hill is not “giving up.” It’s giving your child the chance at a life and opportunities that you may not be able to provide for them yourself. While it is an emotional, life-changing decision, it’s also one of the most selfless and beautiful ones you can make in your life. Thompson Dove Law Group will make sure you have access to resources that will help you understand what your rights are as a prospective birth mother and the repercussions of your decision before you choose this path. Only when you are truly ready for adoption will we help you move forward.

To learn more about how to give a baby up for adoption in Rock Hill, S.C., please contact our adoption professionals at this local number: 864-680-8038.

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