The Truth Behind “Highest-Paying” Surrogacy Agencies in S.C.

It’s true that, for many women, surrogate compensation is not the main motivator for becoming a gestational carrier. However, compensation can be an important factor in your surrogacy decision — and, if you’re like many women, you may start your journey by searching for the “highest-paying” surrogacy agency in South Carolina.

But, before you commit to a surrogacy professional based solely on their compensation numbers, there are some important things you should know first. A successful surrogacy involves so much more than a high compensation rate; in fact, sometimes, the highest surrogate compensation rates can be the most misleading.

At Palmetto Surrogacy, our staff is dedicated to providing honest information to and being completely transparent with our prospective surrogates. It’s true: Our surrogacy program may not appear to be the highest-paying surrogacy agency you’ve looked at, but that’s because we know there’s so much more to a successful surrogacy than just a compensation rate. We are 100 percent focused on your emotional, physical and mental well-being — not just on attracting as many surrogates as possible with a high compensation number.

Here, we aim to shed some light on the surrogacy agencies that pay the most out there — and why they may not be the best choice for you, after all. Remember: You can always call our team at 864-573-5533 for more information about our compensation and surrogacy program.

What to Keep in Mind About Any “Highest-Paying” Surrogate Agency

We know that surrogate compensation can be a major factor in any women’s surrogacy journey, even if she is not solely motivated by these financial advantages. After all, compensation can be important to a woman’s family; it may help her pay off her student loans or put a down payment on the house she’s always wanted. So, it’s normal for women to seek out the surrogacy agencies that pay the most before they know any better.

But, don’t let the high numbers that certain agencies promise sway you. Yes, you may see ads and articles claiming that you can make upwards of $80,000 as a gestational carrier — but these rates usually come with a catch. You should always fully understand what you are agreeing to before you sign on to a surrogacy program simply because it advertises the highest surrogate compensation rate.

The first thing you should know? The reason why these agencies and programs can offer such high rates is because they are working with intended parents who typically live outside of South Carolina. Remember: In order for you to be a highest-paid surrogate mother, your intended parents must be ready to pay for that compensation. Most of the intended parents who can afford to pay these rates are from different countries.

So, while you may receive a high compensation rate with these agencies, you often have to trade off when it comes to your surrogacy relationship. It’s highly likely that you will be matched with intended parents who live far away — whether it’s California or China or another wealthy region. Because of the distance, they are less likely to be able to participate in the pregnancy due to not being able to attend most, and sometimes any, appointments, and ultimately, may miss the birth of the child.  It’s also likely that you will be matched with intended parents who may not speak your language or be able to communicate regularly with you during your pregnancy. This can significantly impact the relationship you are able to develop with the intended parents.

Some women are comfortable with this trade-off in order to receive what they think is the highest surrogate compensation possible. But, ask yourself: Is this really the kind of surrogacy experience you want?

Keep in mind: Even if a prospective surrogate is comfortable working with an international intended parent (and the sacrifices that come with doing so), she should also keep in mind that a higher surrogate compensation associated with that kind of journey can still be misleading. Many of these programs’ numbers include reimbursements and medical expenses — not purely base compensation with which you can do what you please. Instead, your “compensation rate” will include funds that you must put toward your surrogacy expenses to avoid paying out-of-pocket.

At Palmetto Surrogacy, your various compensation amounts are just that — compensation that goes to you for your financial goals. Your surrogacy expenses will be covered and reimbursed separately.

Why You Should Consider Palmetto Surrogacy

At Palmetto Surrogacy, intended parents must be working with a South Carolina (or nearby) fertility clinic; this often means that the intended family lives in the South East. While this means that we cannot always offer the higher compensation rates that you may see from other national agencies, we can offer something they don’t — a local match more likely to lead to a genuine friendship throughout the surrogacy journey.

When you first considered surrogacy, did you dream about helping bring a child into the world with his or her parents there for every step of it? Had you heard stories about surrogates and intended parents who created relationships that lasted for years after the child was born? You may not find those with a “highest-paying” surrogate agency, but it’s very likely that you will find that experience with the Palmetto Surrogacy program at Thompson Dove Law Group.

When you choose our surrogacy program, you will also be provided these benefits that larger, national agencies may not be able to give:

  • A local surrogacy professional who provides support throughout the process
  • Contact mediation between you and the intended parents
  • Coverage of all of your pregnancy-related expenses (separately from your base compensation)
  • Medical and psychological screening from a local professional
  • Embryo transfer at a local fertility clinic so that you are not having to leave your family and travel long-distances for medical appointments
  • And more

While it’s true that we cannot offer the highest surrogate compensation in comparison with some of the larger agencies out there, we’ve found that our surrogates are much happier with the kind of personal surrogacy journeys our program is known for. Rest assured: You will never be financially burdened for your surrogacy decision, and our team will help you find the perfect intended parent match for the kind of relationship you desire.

We encourage every prospective surrogate to contact our team of professionals anytime. We are happy to answer any of your questions about our program (including our compensation package) to help you decide if this is the right choice for you. Reach out today by calling 864-573-5533.

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