How to Find a Surrogate in S.C.: The 5 Step Process to Our Gestational Carrier Matching Program

We know how important is it to intended parents to find a surrogate that’s perfect for their situation, whatever it may be. After all, this is the woman who you will partner with for at least a year on your journey to become parents and the woman who will carry the baby you have worked so hard to have.

But, how do you find a surrogate mother in South Carolina that’s perfect for you?

Fortunately, when you work with Palmetto Surrogacy at Thompson Dove Law Group, you’ll have a professional to help you through every step while you’re looking for a surrogate mother. Unlike other law firms, our surrogate matching process is mutual. Both you and a prospective surrogate will get the chance to select what preferences you have for each other in your surrogacy process, and you’ll even get the chance to meet and get to know each other before signing a legal contract. Finding a surrogate mother is a critical part of your surrogacy process, and we’ll make sure you’re happy with your prospective surrogate no matter how long it takes to find her.

Attorney Jim Thompson and his staff are always available to discuss how to find a surrogate in South Carolina if you call 864-573-5533. If you’ve already found a surrogate, we can also help you start the process through our law firm.

Want to learn more? We’ve laid out the steps of finding a surrogate through our law firm below.

1. Determine your surrogate preferences.

As intended parents, you have the right to decide who you want to carry your child. This can include everything from where she lives to how much contact you want with her to how much base compensation she requires.

When you start looking for a surrogate mother in South Carolina with Palmetto Surrogacy, your individual case manager will help you determine your surrogacy preferences and goals. She’ll also help you understand how a surrogate will fit into those goals. It’s important to know that setting more restrictive preferences may impact how long you will wait to find a surrogate mother for your situation (your case worker will explain this in greater detail).

2. Create a family profile.

Before we can start showing you profiles of prospective surrogates that meet your preferences, you will need to create a profile that we can show to them in return. Remember, our matching program is mutual, so surrogates will get the chance to see your profile before they meet you and commit to working with you.

Your profile will include a letter to a prospective surrogate about who you are, why you’ve chosen surrogacy and what you hope for in a prospective surrogate. You may also want to include photos of your family so she can visualize who she will be carrying a child for.

3. View prospective surrogate profiles.

After you complete your profile, we will start showing you profiles of surrogacy situations and surrogates that meet your preferences. These profiles will tell you a little bit more about who a prospective surrogate is and should help you decide whether she’s someone that you want to meet.

You don’t have to make your final decision based on these profiles, as we’ll give you a chance to meet the surrogate in person and ask any other questions you may have. However, if you are interested in a surrogate, we’ll send your profile along to her to view. If she expresses interest in working with you, we’ll move to the next step in the process of finding a surrogate: an in-person meeting.

4. Meet the surrogate.

The meeting that you have with a prospective surrogate can be nerve-wracking (many compare it to a first date), but your case worker will be there to mediate the entire conversation. Try to look at it as a chance to get to know the surrogate better and ask her the questions that her profile may have brought up while you were reading it. Your case worker will help you prepare for this meeting, but here are some good questions to ask to make sure you have the same surrogacy preferences:

  • Why did you choose to become a surrogate?
  • What kind of relationship do you want from me during and after the surrogacy process?
  • What are your thoughts on issues like selective reduction and termination?
  • What do you want your childbirth experience to look like?

Remember, a meeting does not obligate you to choose a surrogate unless you’re absolutely sure she’s the right fit. After you speak with the prospective surrogate, we’ll ask you both if you think this is a good match. If you do, we’ll move on to the next step in the surrogacy process. If you don’t, that’s okay; we’ll start looking for a surrogate mother again and present you with additional surrogate profiles.

5. Complete medical and legal requirements.

Before we can finalize a match between you and a prospective surrogate, there are a couple more steps we need to take.

The surrogate will need to undergo additional medical screening with your fertility clinic to make sure she’s healthy enough to go through the IVF process. She will also need to undergo a psychological evaluation process, as well as have her insurance policy reviewed by a professional for coverage. After she passes the screenings, we will need to set out expectations for the upcoming surrogacy through a surrogacy contract, which will address everything from risk and liabilities to compensation for the surrogate. Only after the contract is approved and signed by you and your surrogate will your match be officially complete — and you’ll be able to move forward with your surrogacy process.

Knowing how to find a surrogate that’s perfect for your situation can be complicated, which is why the Palmetto Surrogacy team strives to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our mutual matching process and available assistance from a case worker will help ensure that the surrogate you choose will meet your surrogacy preferences and make your process as easy as possible as you go forward. After all, this is perhaps the most important decision of your surrogacy journey — and we’ll help make sure it’s the right one.

To learn more about how to find a surrogate mother in South Carolina and start the surrogacy process, contact us today.

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