Is Single-Parent Surrogacy Possible in South Carolina?

With the changing makeup of the American family, one thing is for sure — the “typical” family doesn’t need two parents to be successful. But, if you’ve been considering single-parent surrogacy, you already know this — and you’re ready for the adventure ahead.

Here at Thompson Dove Law Group, we recognize that not everyone follows a “usual” path to parenthood. More than ever, we’re meeting with single men and women who, tired of waiting for the right partner to come along, decide to take parenthood by the reins and start their family all by themselves. And we’re happy to help those hopeful parents bring the child they’ve been waiting for into their lives.

Single-parent surrogacy in South Carolina is definitely an option for you if you’re considering it. Whether you’re an intended mother or intended father, our team of professionals can guide you through every step of the process — helping you safely and legally add a child to your family. We encourage you to contact us online or at 864-573-5533 for more information.

Is Single-Parent Surrogacy Legal in South Carolina?

If you’re new to surrogacy in South Carolina, you may be confused — or even worried — about whether you can proceed as a single parent.

The good news is that surrogacy for a single man or woman is absolutely a possibility in South Carolina. Like many other states in the South, South Carolina has no laws regulating the surrogacy process. But, don’t let that scare you. Experienced surrogacy professionals (including our legal team) use established case law and relationships with local courts to create a safe and legal process of protecting parental rights during the surrogacy process. We’ve helped many intended parents complete their surrogacy journeys, and we can do the same with surrogacy for singles, too.

While the legal process for establishing parental rights as a single parent is slightly different than as a member of a married couple, rest assured that attorney Jim Thompson is experienced in the steps required and will do everything necessary to protect your rights and interests along the way. Contact us today for more information on the legalities of single-mother or single-father surrogacy in South Carolina.

How Does Surrogacy Work for Single Parents in S.C.?

In many cases, single-person surrogacy in South Carolina is very similar to surrogacy for married couples. While there may be slight legal differences that must be handled, our surrogacy program and professionals will support you through every step of the journey.

Here’s what you can expect if you want to be a single mother or single father through surrogacy in South Carolina:

Step 1: Find a Surrogate.

Once you have spoken with our Palmetto Surrogacy team and decided that our single-parent surrogacy program is right for you, we’ll move onto one of the most important steps during this journey: finding a gestational carrier.

Now, you may have reservations about finding a surrogate mother for a single man or woman like yourself. Are there surrogates out there who are comfortable working with single intended parents?

Yes, indeed — and there are actually gestational carriers who specifically look to carry for single intended parents. Whether it’s because they want to carry for male LGBTQ+ intended fathers or because they have a personal experience with single parenting, these surrogates know that your marital status isn’t the sole determining factor of your ability to parent. They are happy and excited to help you reach your parenting dreams.

If you wish to locate a gestational carrier with our program, we will present you with a few profiles of women who meet your needs for location, age, experience and more. If you show mutual interest in each other, we will schedule a phone call or an in-person meeting where you can get to know each other better and confirm your surrogacy partnership.

Step 2: Complete Screening.

After you and your surrogate finalize your partnership, she will undergo additional screening at your fertility clinic to ensure she is medically approved for the surrogacy process. At the same time, you will have to complete psychological screening with a mental health professional. This professional will discuss all of the risks and responsibilities of the surrogacy process with you, as well as any additional challenges that may arise due to your single status. You will also complete a joint screening with your surrogate to ensure you are both on the same page about your upcoming single surrogacy journey.

Step 3: Finalize Your Legal Contract.

Once screening is all complete, attorney Jim Thompson will work with your surrogate’s attorney in drafting a legal surrogacy contract. This contract is essentially a roadmap for your surrogacy journey, detailing risks and responsibilities, surrogate compensation, contact expectations and more.

It will also explain any additional legal steps you will need to take to establish your rights as a single parent in South Carolina. Don’t worry — our legal team will always guide you through this process.

Step 4: Complete the Embryo Transfer Process.

Next, your surrogate will work with your fertility clinic to complete the embryo transfer process. You’ll need to talk in depth with your reproductive endocrinologist regarding any gamete donations you will be using, as well as whether you will create a fresh embryo or use a frozen one. If you are not using your own sperm or eggs, you will need to consult with attorney Jim Thompson, as there could be legal hurdles in establishing your parental rights. 

This should all be determined before you start the single-parent surrogacy process.

The actual embryo transfer will be a rather quick and easy procedure, and a pregnancy will be officially confirmed about a week afterward.

Step 5: Establish Parental Rights During Your Surrogate’s Pregnancy.

During the nine months of your surrogate’s pregnancy, you will stay in contact with her per the terms of your surrogacy agreement. If you want, you can be present for important medical appointments and ultrasounds and be an otherwise active part of her pregnancy!

At the same time, our legal professionals will be working hard to protect your parental rights to your child. While the situation can be a bit more complicated with surrogacy for singles, attorney Jim Thompson will work with his local contacts to ensure that your pre- and post-birth orders are obtained appropriately. If necessary, he will also do the prep work for any post-birth adoptions that must take place.

Step 6: Be Present for Your Child’s Birth!

As your surrogate reaches her third trimester, you will create a hospital plan together, detailing things such as:

  • Who will be in the room during delivery
  • What kind of medical treatment she will receive during labor
  • What kind of medical treatment the baby will receive after birth
  • Where you will stay during your baby and surrogate’s hospital stays
  • Whether your surrogate will perform skin-to-skin contact and/or pump breast milk for you
  • And more

Attorney Jim Thompson will also make sure the legalities of your single-mother or single-father surrogacy are handled before delivery, so that you will be able to safely and legally bring your child home after they are discharged from the hospital. He will also follow up with any additional steps that must be taken to further protect your parental rights.

Start Your Single-Parent Surrogacy in South Carolina Today

If you’re considering single female or single-male surrogacy in South Carolina, know that our professionals are here to help. Attorney Jim Thompson and his surrogacy team can assist you through every step of the surrogacy process, creating a plan of surrogacy services that addresses your particular needs and desires for this journey. We know that no two single-parent surrogacies are the same; we’re here to tailor your surrogacy to how you want it to be.

For more information about becoming a parent through surrogacy, please contact us today.

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