Why We Should Be Your Choice for Your SC Surrogacy Journey

Thinking of becoming a surrogate or having a baby through gestational surrogacy? Congratulations — by coming to this webpage, you’re one step closer to reaching your dreams!

But, before you get any further in the surrogacy journey, you need to identify exactly what kind of surrogacy professionals you want to guide you through this process. Surrogacy can be complicated, and it’s impossible to achieve your surrogacy goals without the assistance of experienced professionals. Finding the right one, however, can be tricky.

If you’re looking at surrogacy agencies or surrogacy programs in South Carolina, look no further than the Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson. Our team of experienced surrogacy professionals has helped many intended parents and gestational carriers through the surrogacy process, and we’ve developed a specialized surrogacy program based on our years of experience and knowledge.

If you’re considering surrogacy in South Carolina, make our office your first contact. Give us a call at 864-573-5533 or contact us online anytime.

We know that choosing a professional for your surrogacy journey is a big deal. Gestational carrier agencies and programs aren’t right for everyone. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the information you need to make the best choice for your family — whatever it may be.

What Do Surrogacy Agencies Do?

When you pursue surrogacy, there are a few professionals you will have to work with, including a surrogacy attorney and a fertility clinic. You will also have the choice of working with a gestational surrogacy agency or program.

A surrogacy agency may be the perfect professional for you. Many first-time surrogates and intended parents have no idea what to expect from their upcoming journey. That’s where a surrogate agency comes in. This kind of surrogacy professional guides people through every step of the surrogacy process, offering support, case management and answers to all of their questions.

Every surrogacy center is different, but most surrogacy programs across the country can help you:

  • Complete pre-screening to ensure your eligibility for surrogacy
  • Find the perfect intended parents or gestational carrier
  • Find trusted additional professionals (such as fertility clinics or surrogacy lawyers)
  • Receive emotional and practical support through every step of your surrogacy
  • Manage contact with your surrogacy partner
  • Communicate and coordinate with additional professionals
  • And more

It’s no wonder that many surrogates and intended parents choose to work with surrogacy agencies. These professionals add a peace of mind and wealth of experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

Our South Carolina surrogacy program at the Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson is no different.

Something to remember: Many surrogacy programs and agencies offer the same services, although they go by different names. Currently, there are no federal licensing standards for surrogacy agencies like there are for adoption agencies. Therefore, our surrogacy program does not use the title “agency” to be transparent with our clients about a lack of federal licensing. However, rest assured that all of our staff is certified in their own fields of work, and we always provide a safe and legal process for your surrogacy journey.

Why Work With Our South Carolina Surrogacy Program?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to surrogacy agencies and programs in South Carolina. But, we truly believe that our intended parent and surrogate mother program can offer the best surrogacy experience for those who are interested.

So, what makes our surrogacy center different from other professionals in South Carolina? Unlike other surrogacy agencies, our program operates with the background of a legal firm. In fact, we have an experienced surrogacy attorney on staff — attorney Jim Thompson, who has been working in the field of assisted reproduction since 1994.

What does this mean for your surrogacy experience?

1. Your surrogacy team is experienced with South Carolina surrogacy laws and processes.

Attorney Jim Thompson and his team of surrogacy professionals have been involved in the development of surrogacy in South Carolina from the very beginning. Because our surrogacy program is only open to South Carolina intended parents and gestational carriers, we have become familiar with every legal detail and process for surrogacy in this state. You can know that your surrogacy professionals will keep your legal protection in mind every step of the way — unlike national gestational carrier agencies, which have to outsource their legal services to a local attorney in a state that they may or may not be familiar with.

2. Your professionals will coordinate easily between themselves.

The biggest benefit of our surrogacy program is that your surrogacy attorney works directly with your surrogacy case manager, fertility clinic and other surrogacy professionals from the very beginning. This means that all of your professionals will be on the same page about your situation. They will frequently communicate with each other and stay up-to-date on all the nuances in your surrogacy journey. The ease of this communication means more effective surrogacy services and less time wasted.

3. You can trust your professionals are accredited by the state.

Unlike other family-building options, surrogacy (and its professionals) still operates without national accreditation options. This means that any surrogacy professional can call itself an agency without oversight or scrutiny.

But, when you work with a law-firm-owned surrogacy program like ours, you receive an extra degree of security. All of our professionals must meet state requirements for legal certification — whether that’s in regards to legal work or social work. You can rest assured that our professionals are certified in their field to provide the high quality of services you deserve.

4. You receive the majority of services you need under one fee schedule.

Every intended parent and surrogate has the right to choose the surrogacy professional that is perfect for them. However, there’s one thing to consider: Even if they complete an independent surrogacy, intended parents will still need to hire a surrogacy attorney and a fertility clinic — and they may find that the a la carte prices for these services are more expensive than our program’s flat fee.

When you work with our South Carolina surrogacy group, your legal services, matching services, screening processes and more will all be included in the intended parents’ original fees. The only additional costs you can expect are surrogate compensation and medical surrogacy costs.

We encourage every intended parent to seriously research and evaluate their cost estimates before choosing a surrogacy agency based solely on their fees. You should always make sure that a program offers the kind of services you need — not just a number that fits your budget.

Unsure Whether a Surrogacy Agency is Right for You? We Can Still Help

A good portion of intended parents and gestational carriers choose to pursue independent surrogacy — surrogacy with only the assistance of an attorney and fertility clinic. If you are ready for the responsibilities of an independent surrogacy and managing your journey on your own, the Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson can still help you through this process.

Attorney Jim Thompson can provide all of the legal services you need for your South Carolina surrogacy, including:

  • Evaluating your surrogacy plan for legal issues and complications
  • Drafting and finalizing your surrogacy contract
  • Establishing intended parents’ parental rights
  • And providing other legal counsel throughout your surrogacy journey

But, what if you want additional services — but not the whole list that our surrogacy program offers?

Our South Carolina surrogacy program will be what you make of it. Our team is happy to modify our services to meet your needs and preferences. Whether you are just interested in legal services, our whole range of surrogacy assistance, or something in between, we will be happy to create a surrogacy plan that works for you.

Want to learn more? Contact our surrogacy team online or at 864-573-5533 to get started today.

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