7 Incredible Benefits of Adoption in South Carolina

Placing a child for adoption is no easy task. There are certainly a lot of challenges on this journey — but did you know that there are countless benefits of adoption, too?

That’s right — adoption doesn’t just benefit the child you place and the adoptive family you choose, but it can also benefit your life, too.

As adoption professionals, we are dedicated to discussing adoption honestly and transparently with every pregnant woman. We believe equipping expectant parents with accurate and realistic information about adoption is just as important as focusing on its benefits.

We also believe, however, that adoption can be a wonderful decision, and its positives should be celebrated, too! Quite simply, there are countless benefits to adoption when you choose to place your child. We are happy to discuss those in detail anytime when you contact us.

It’s true that adoption isn’t right for everyone — but we believe you should know about all the potential birth mother benefits in adoption before making this decision for yourself.

What are the Benefits of ‘Giving a Baby Up’ for Adoption in S.C.?

Every birth mother’s adoption journey is different. The benefits of adoption that most affect you will be determined by your personal situation. Your circumstances play a large role in the pros and cons of adoption for you, and our adoption counselors can help you evaluate those when you call or text us at 864-680-8038.

In the meantime, here are some adoption benefits to keep in mind as you consider this path:

1. You are in Control Every Step of the Way

As you may have already read on our website, the women who pursue adoption for their children are in charge of  every step of the process. You can choose the adoptive family, the contact you share with them and your child, the events of the hospital stay, and more. Your wishes are followed every step of the way to provide you with the best adoption experience possible.

2. You Can Give Your Child Opportunities You May Not Be Able to Provide

Easily one of the biggest benefits of adoption is giving your child a life full of stability, opportunity and fun. One study on adopted children found that, of the 2,000 adopted and non-adopted children who were studied, adopted children were more likely to be read to every night, more likely to engage in extracurricular activities and performed better in reading and math. In short, most adopted kids had normal childhoods — just like those of non-adopted children.

Of course, there are some adoption challenges for adoptees. But, with a positive adoption experience and an open adoption relationship, you can maximize the benefits from adoption for your child and minimize the emotional difficulties they may otherwise face.

3. You Can Have an Open Adoption

One of the biggest benefits of domestic adoption in South Carolina? The ability to stay in contact with your child and his or her family in the years to come.

We wholly believe in the benefits of open adoption, and we encourage all our adoptive families to be open to and excited about this contact. Today, an estimated 90 percent of all private domestic adoptions involve some sort of exchange of contact between birth parents and adoptive families.

This is one of the greatest birth mother benefits in adoption. If you choose this path, you don’t have to spend your life wondering about your child. You can be directly involved in their life and see them grow up happy and healthy.

4. You Can Receive Financial Help

Pregnancy can be expensive. If you’re considering adoption, we will help alleviate those concerns about expenses— ensuring you are never pressured into this decision because of financial burden.

Many women who consider adoption require some financial assistance during their pregnancies. Not only are all of your adoption services paid for by the adoptive family, but you may receive assistance with living expenses, depending on your needs and state adoption laws.

Contact us now to learn more about this adoption benefit in South Carolina.

5. You Can Choose Adoption at Any Time

If you are considering placing your child for adoption, there is no timeline or pressure to do so. You can make an adoption plan at any time — early in your pregnancy, a few weeks before your due date, or even after the birth of your child. No matter how long it takes you to make this decision, an adoption plan is still possible, should you determine it is the right choice for you and your child.

We will always support your right to make the best decision for you. This is not an overnight decision but, fortunately, one of the birth mother benefits in adoption is the right to decide whenever it is best for you.

6. You Will Find the Perfect Family

Finding the perfect family for your child can be overwhelming. However, no matter how long it takes, you will find the right parents for your child.

There is never a shortage of hopeful parents, as infertility affects thousands of people every year. As unfortunate as this is, this is also a benefit to adoption. At any time, you will have countless families to choose from.

The perfect family for you and your baby is out there — you just need to find them, perhaps with the help of a professional like Thompson Dove Law Group.

7. You Can Continue Pursuing Your Dreams and Goals

An unplanned pregnancy can immediately put a pause on, not only a woman’s short-term goals, but also her lifelong dreams. When raising a child becomes her full-time job, future plans of completing college, beginning a career, traveling or another dream become increasingly difficult to realize.

Adoption, however, may present you with an opportunity to stay on the path toward your goals. This is one of the most important benefits of adoption — the chance to continue working toward your personal goals, rather than becoming a mother when you’re not ready to do so.

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer when it comes to your unplanned pregnancy options. There is just what is right for you.

Quite honestly, the benefits of adoption never end. Consider how your child will not only bless the lives of his or her adoptive parents but also the potential future siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Your one selfless act would touch an unlimited number of lives.

Adoption will also impact you — giving you the chance to move forward with life on your terms, not on terms decided by one unplanned pregnancy.

We are always happy to discuss the benefits of adoption through our program anytime. Reach out online or call/text us at 864-680-8038 to learn more.

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