How to Find Intended Parents in SC

Finding intended parents is one of the most important parts of your surrogacy journey. After all, these are the people who you will partner with for a year or more as you go through complicated medical and legal procedures. You’re probably curious about how to find intended parents that are perfect for you — and Palmetto Surrogacy can help.

Unlike other surrogacy professionals who assign a surrogate to intended parents, the Palmetto Surrogacy team makes finding intended parents a mutual decision. You and the intended parents will choose each other, and you’ll only move forward with a match if you’re both comfortable. You’ll be actively involved in the matching process from start to finish, as we know how important it is to find intended parents that will make the surrogacy process as smooth as possible.

Our four-step process will ensure that any surrogate looking for intended parents finds people she is 100 percent confident working with. Your personal case manager will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you have. To learn more about how to find intended parents with the help of Palmetto Surrogacy, you can call us anytime at 854-573-5533.

Keep reading to discover how we can help you find intended parents that are perfect for you.

1. Determine Your Preferences for Intended Parents.

Intended parents come from all sorts of backgrounds and lifestyles. They may be a single parent looking to have a child on their own, same-sex couples wanting to start a family, or heterosexual couples who cannot become pregnant on their own or safely carry a baby to term. As a prospective surrogate, you have the right to decide what kind of intended parents you’re comfortable working with and which ones you aren’t, as your relationship with them will play a huge role in the success of your surrogacy.

You can also have preferences on other aspects of the intended parents’ lives. How much contact do you want to share with the intended parents during the surrogacy process? How close do you want them to live to you? Your case manager will help you determine what your preferences are and what each of these decisions may mean for your surrogacy process.

2. Let Us Create Your Surrogate Profile.

Because intended parents also get a say in the matching process, we will be preparing a surrogate profile that they can view. This will include non-identifying information from comprehensive questionnaire you complete, your insurance and your compensation requirements, a copy of the social worker’s home visit report, and some photos of you and your family.

3. View Intended Parent Profiles.

With the help of Palmetto Surrogacy, the intended parents will create a profile letter that you can view, in which they’ll describe themselves to you and include pictures of themselves.

After intended parents view your surrogate profile and determine you could be a match, we’ll show you their intended parents’ profile. If you also think they might be a good match for you, we’ll schedule a meeting in one of our Charleston, Rock Hill, or Spartanburg, South Carolina, offices, where you can talk to the intended parents in person and decide if they’re a perfect fit.

It’s important to remember that scheduling this meeting does not obligate you to choose these particular intended parents. If you’re not sure about an intended parents’ profile but think they might be a good match, don’t be afraid to move forward with a meeting.

4. Meet the Potential Intended Parents.

The meeting that you have with the potential intended parents is a great chance to get to know them beyond what you saw on their profile, including asking any questions that their profile brought up. You might be nervous to meet them (many surrogates describe this meeting like a first date), but your case manager and the rest of the Palmetto Surrogacy team will be there to mediate the conversation and will prepare you with any questions you might want to ask.

Here are some good things to consider addressing in this conversation:

  • Why you each chose to pursue surrogacy
  • What kind of relationship you would like from each other during the surrogacy process
  • What you want your hospital stay and childbirth experience to look like

After you get to know each other, we’ll ask you both whether you feel like this is a good match and if you want to proceed. If the answer is yes, we’ll move forward with the medical, psychological, and insurance screening and review process.

Remember that you are under no obligation to say “yes” to a match until you find the intended parents that are right for you. If you aren’t positive after this meeting that a match is right, we’ll go back to the beginning of the matching process and show you more potential intended parents for you to choose from.

After you find intended parents through this process, there will be a couple more requirements to complete before your match is final. You’ll both need to undergo medical and psychological screenings and set expectations for your surrogacy in a contract before your partnership together really begins.

At Palmetto Surrogacy, we know how important finding intended parents is for your surrogacy journey. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to make sure you find intended parents in South Carolina (or near the South Carolina border) that are right for your surrogacy goals and expectations. Remember, you are never obligated to move forward with particular intended parents unless you’re confident in your choice.

If you’re a surrogate looking for intended parents in South Carolina and are ready to start the process today, please call us at 864-573-5533 or contact us online.

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