We had the pleasure of working with these two men as one pursued the adult adoption of the other. Their bond was obvious from the beginning and it brings us such joy to see this update four years later. Adult adoption is a beautiful option that gives legality and permanency to meaningful relationships. This is Daniel’s Story.

  1. What are some reasons that led you to pursue an adoption as an adult?

One of the reasons we pursued adoption was wanting to “legitimize” the father-son relationship my father and I already had. Making our family relationship official had positive emotional benefits, adoption was a reason to celebrate! Even before the adoption, our relationship was already authentic to us and our immediate family. However, there was a time my father had a sudden, serious health issue and he chose me to be his healthcare decision maker and inherit his assets in case he passed. My father is well now, but making me his healthcare decision maker and inheritor when I was not “officially” his son had the potential to create conflict with some people on his side of the family. 

My father wanted it to be as clear-as-day, with no room for debate, that I was his son and he trusted me to make healthcare decisions for him. My father’s health problems came on suddenly and so we dealt with them first before pursing adoption. We had discussed adult adoption before that event and looked into how to go-about it for months already, but after my father got better we finally contacted Thompson Dove law group.

  1. Was there anything about the legal process that surprised you as you pursued this outcome?

The only part of the legal process that surprised me was how easy the process was. It was a straight forward process and just took some time to happen. I am not sure what I expected, but the motivation for pursuing adoption as an adult, that my dad and I love each other, is plenty enough reason to pursue the adoption.

  1. What is something you feel like others should consider before pursuing an adult adoption?

The only individuals’ opinion that matters are those going through the adoption. There have been some people that have questioned why my father and I went through an adult adoption process. The primarily challenge we have heard was, even with adoption, we “aren’t really” father and son. There will probably be people in our lives who never agree with the adoption, but their approval doesn’t matter. Joe is my father, I am his son, and we can chose our family.

  1. What is something you wish the general public knew about becoming an adopted person as an adult?

Adult adoption is really a happy event in life. Everyone involved in the process was supportive- from the court bailiff, to the judge, to Mr. Thompson and Ms. Mary Waldrop, everyone was so happy for us and we will always remember that. Most people who have learned about my dad adopting me during adulthood have been congratulatory and curious about how the adult adoption process works.

  1. How long has it been since the adoption took place and how do you feel your relationship is with your parents now?

The adoption was finalized on June 18, 2018. It has been almost four years since then. Not sure how it’s possible, but we feel like we are closer now than ever. The first thing I did after my white coat ceremony at medical school earlier this year was find my dad in the stands and give him a hug. My dad used to describe me as the son he’s never had. After the adoption,  he just calls me his son now.

If you have questions about adult adoption, please contact us for more information.