Event Highlight: Be Brave Brunch 2015

This month, we had the honor of sponsoring an event that is near and dear to our hearts…Charleston’s Be Brave Brunch. This annual event is hosted by Center for Women, and it always inspires.  The goal of the event is to honor five Charleston women (nominated by their peers) for showing bravery in their lives.


Social Worker, Ashley Stephens, reflects on her time at the event:


“The Be Brave Brunch was great!  The keynote speaker was incredibly inspiring and discussed mental health in America and how there needs to be better access to care and less stigma.  She spoke from both a professional and personal standpoint (as she is a clinical psychologist and is also diagnosed with Bi- Polar disorder).  There were five honorees, all of their stories were truly inspiring. The youngest honoree was just six years old!  To top it all off, the food by Three Little Birds Cafe was wonderful and the cupcakes were beautiful and delicious (they looked like hydrangeas)! Each attendee was given locally made sunscreen and lip balm as a “thank you” for attending the event.”


Here is a video recap of the event:


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