Expressing Gratitude to Those Who Helped During Your Adoption Journey

Adoption is a journey. And it’s one that most people don’t take completely alone. In one way or another, chances are you’ve gotten some help; from family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others who were directly involved. Your beautiful new family has come together with the help and support of so many, so why not say thanks? Expressing gratitude to those who helped you through your journey is so important! Here are some suggestions on how to express your gratitude to those who helped along the way:

Attorneys: The legalities of adoption can sometimes be both complicated and overwhelming. Attorneys help keep this journey pleasant and their hard work often goes unappreciated. Show them just how much their efforts mean to you by sending them a heartfelt note and maybe even some flowers.

Colleagues: Did any of your colleagues cover your work while you were going through the adoption process? Maybe they supported you in other ways. Express your gratitude by bringing some treats to the office next time you go in.

Church members: Ask to say thank you to the congregation one Sunday. It can be hard to personally thank so many loving people that may have shared their support or prayed for you as you were going through your journey. But a show of thanks goes a long way. Giving a kind speech or maybe hosting a post-service meal is the perfect way to let everyone know you appreciate all they did for you and your family.

Friends and Family: Introduce your family’s newest addition to your closest loved ones over a home-cooked feast! Family is what adoption is all about and expressing love to family and friends who went above and beyond for you during the adoption process is incredibly important. Show them how much they mean to you by inviting them to all sit down together and enjoy a nice meal.

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