An Adoption Story (Kim)

We asked adoptive mom, Kim, to share the moment when she become a mother.

The day I became a mother was so special, but before I dive into that, allow me to share with you the events that led up to the day I met my daughter. The wait for our child seemed like an eternity to me, but that all disappeared on the morning I received the call from our awesome adoption counselor telling me that a precious baby girl had been born early that morning and that I was chosen to be her mommy. That moment in time has been the most shocking, emotional and exhilarating experience of my life. You can only imagine the sleepless night(s) ahead as I laid there going over and over in my mind what she was like, if she was lonely, wanting to be there by her side, would the birthparents change their mind, etc. I thank God for my stable husband who was there to help calm my nerves. 

                Skipping ahead to the next day, we drove down to first and foremost meet the wonderful and selfless couple who, to this day, I cannot express the amount of gratitude and love that I have in my heart for them. I am a mother because they allowed God to work in their lives and use them. I know the decision must have been a difficult one to make and I commend them for putting this child’s needs first. They wanted the best for her and to have a life that they could not provide for her at that time. If that is not a clear definition of God’s love, then I don’t know what it is. The birthmother in our adoption story is always on my mind, especially around my daughter’s birthday and special days such as Birthmother’s Day and Mother’s Day. Plus, I will always have a little piece of her in my life to remind me of her beautiful sacrifice of love. I hope our birthmother knows just how much she means to me and that she is not forgotten, but to the contrary, thought of often.

                As for the first time I met my daughter, I recall the moment I walked into the hospital nursery with huge tears of happiness in my eyes and one of the nurses saying, “Now, don’t you start that crying!” Getting teary eyed herself, she led me to the most gorgeous baby girl with the thickest head of dark hair. The nurses kidded with me saying they were hoping we wouldn’t show up so they could all claim her. I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on her and held her in my arms. It was a feeling of pure joy and disbelief that MY day had finally come. The nursery that I had prepared for her so long ago was actually going to be used. This little lady was mine to protect, raise and cherish. My wait was over!

                Dear, sweet, hopeful mother-to-be….please don’t give up. I know you feel like your time will never come and that every lady around you is announcing pregnancy or another has been chosen to be an adoptive mom, but in God’s timing, you will be what He intends for you to be. Keep the faith and keep yourself busy helping others so that when it finally happens, it will seem as if the wait was a lifetime ago!


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