The Choice to Become a Gestational Surrogate in South Carolina

The Choice to Become a Gestational Surrogate in South Carolina

Make no mistake, giving birth to a child is nothing short of miraculous.


For the women who are able to get pregnant, the experience will undoubtedly change their lives forever. For those who are struggling with infertility, medical science has provided new and exciting options, including the option of using a gestational surrogate (carrier).


Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about surrogacy. Our goal is to get people talking about this incredible, life-changing option. Thompson Dove Law Group has established a comprehensive Gestational Carrier Program for those individuals and couples wanting to explore growing their family with the assistance of a gestational surrogate (in gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no genetic links to the child).


Many times, we are asked the question, “WHY would a person choose to be a gestational surrogate? What’s in it for them?” Many assume that it is for the financial reward. While some surrogates may be compensated for their services, the motivation tends to come from a more emotional place.


Many surrogates hope to simply make a difference in the lives of couples struggling to get pregnant on their own. They recognize what a blessing children are and how fortunate they are to be able to get pregnant without assistance. As a result, they want to help others who are struggling with infertility be able to be blessed in the same way.


There are few things a person can do in their lifetime that is more life-affirming or life changing as being a surrogate.



Surrogates tend to be natural givers with servant hearts and care deeply for the Intended Parents they are helping. Although they are appreciative of the compensation they may receive, which they can use to benefit their own families, this is rarely the primary reason for becoming a gestational surrogate. Read the stories of these real-life surrogates who were eager to pursue this process.


Here at Thompson Dove Law Group, we are consistently seeking potential gestational surrogates who may be interested in giving the gift of life to an Intended Parent. We view those who choose to go through this process with the utmost respect and admiration. Carrying a child is incredibly taxing, both emotionally and physically, which is why we have put together a team to guide our clients, as well as the gestational surrogates,  through every step of the process.


If you are interested in changing a life by giving a life, please complete our preliminary questionnaire to see if you are a potential candidate for gestational surrogacy. Learn more about the gestational carrier program here.

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