Showing Love for Everyone in the Adoption Triad

adoption triad

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s time to start thinking about your loved ones and showing them how much they mean to you. While Valentine’s Day is often reserved for romantic significant others, it’s important to let all of your loved ones know how much you love and care for them on this holiday. For adoptive families, Valentine’s Day provides you with a chance to show love to other members in your adoption triad. From adoptive parent to child, from birth parent to child, and from birth and adoptive parents to each other, here are a few ways to show the love for your adoption loved ones during this loving time of year.

Adoptive parent to child

Your children should always feel loved and supported, but Valentine’s Day gives you an opportunity to remind your child just how cherished he or she is. And adopted children especially may need that extra little reminder. Whether you treat them with their favorite candy or dessert, pack a sweet note with their lunch, or simply tell them how much you love them and how happy you are to have them in your family, your child is sure to feel and appreciate the love. Just remember that if you have both biological and adopted children, you should not leave your biological children out of the fun. The more love going around, the merrier!

Birth parent to child

As a birth parent, you can let your child know you’re thinking of them on this special day. You may want to talk to your child’s adoptive parents about what would be an appropriate little gift to pass on to the child. You may also consider giving him or her something special to your relationship. Perhaps you both love a certain kind of candy or character from a book or movie. A gift with special meaning between the two of you will help reinforce the relationship you have built with each other.

Adoptive parents to birth parents

Birth parents are extremely important people in both your child’s life as well as your own. Thanks to the sacrifice your child’s birth parents so selflessly made, you were able to complete your family. While you may never be able to fully repay birth parents for that gift, you can still let them know how much you appreciate it and how much that gift means to them. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to do so. You could give a recent picture of your child in a nice frame, perhaps even a picture you took of the birth parent and child the last time you got together. A simple heartfelt note and flowers can show your child’s birth parents just how much you appreciate and care for them.

Birth parents to adoptive parents

As a birth parent, your child’s adoptive parents have taken on the great responsibility and privilege to raise, love, and support him or her. Parenthood is no small task, and reminding your child’s adoptive parents this Valentine’s Day just how thankful you are for their extremely important role in your child’s life will show them just how much you appreciate them taking on that task and loving your child as their own. The power of a genuinely heartfelt note is great, or a reminder of something meaningful to the both of you can show them how important the bond you have truly is. In whatever capacity you can show your love and gratitude for your child’s birth parents, they will surely appreciate it and return the love.

Valentine’s Day is a time to recognize and remind our loved ones how much we love, appreciate, and care for them. Make sure that every member in your adoption triad feels that love and appreciation this year.

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