Red Flags for Unethical Adoption Agencies

Making the decision to adopt is often an emotional and time consuming process.  Once that decision is made though, you want to move forward feeling confident and excited! Unfortunately, not all agencies or attorneys are as ethical as they should be.  We borrowed some tips from the blog of the reputable organization, Creating a Family.  Be on the lookout for these red flags when choosing your agency or attorney to ensure that your adoption is handled both ethically and professionally.


  1. They don’t require parental pre-adoption education.
  2. They don’t provide humanitarian aid in the countries where they work.
  3. They require the bulk of your payment before services are provided.
  4. They aren’t readily available by phone or don’t return your phone calls promptly.
  5. They offer to hold a child for you while you get your paper work ready.
  6. They are hesitant to give you their financial statements.
  7. They discourage you from getting an independent medical review of the referral or match.
  8. They downplay potential problems with the child. They say things like, “Love will take care of everything.”
  9. They create a sense of urgency. “If you don’t decide by today or tomorrow, you’ll lose out.” (Of course, it is reasonable to ask you to decide within a week or so.)
  10. They promise waiting times or costs that sound too good to be true. When things sound too good to be true, they usually are.
  11. They don’t provide post adoption services such as family counseling.


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