Our Greatest Wish For Birth Mothers

Over the next few months, Thompson Dove Law Group will be running a series aimed at recognizing the strength and benevolence of all birth parents. Our first feature is Bravelove.

Not-for-profit charity organization, Bravelove has taken a stance in the adoption movement to support birth mothers and acknowledge their brave decision. They believe that, “so often the brave act of placing a baby for adoption is viewed in a negative light, when in reality it is a selfless, difficult, and loving act a birth mother can make for her child.”

They took action to show birth moms everywhere that there are people that will always be supportive of them and their decision. Bravelove wanted to be a constant reminder to birth mothers, letting them know that families are so grateful for the sacrifices they have made.

They asked not only the women interviewed in the video, but the viewers as well to share what their greatest wish for birth mothers was. Take a moment to scroll through the comments on their page to see how positively wonderful everyone knows birth mothers are. Overcoming emotional obstacles as a birth mom can be trying and difficult, but always know that there is a whole army of people who support you and families that love you and cherish you every day.

Thompson Dove Law Group has adoption counselors that are available to talk with day, night or weekends. We are always here to help.

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