Meet Peggy and Gregg Nibert: Angels & Protectors to 37 Foster Children

A few weeks ago, Thompson Dove Law Group had the pleasure of hosting a film crew from Turner South to film a video about a topic that is near and dear to us: Peggy and Gregg Nibert.

Meet Gregg Nibert. You may know him as the head basketball coach at Presbyterian College. We know him in a loving father to two children, a supportive husband, as well as a protector to 37 foster children. Gregg and his wife, Peggy, serve as two of our Cradle Care providers. This means that they look after children who are placed for adoption when the adoptive parents have yet to be identified or are in the process of traveling to meet their new son or daughter.


Gregg has served as the head coach at PC for 26 years. Peggy is a stay-at-home mom. A few years ago, she felt a calling to open their home to foster children. She presented the idea to her family, and the three boys gladly accepted. Their story is absolutely incredible, and it deserves to be shared.


The Turner South video made the front page of last week and continues to be spread across major news networks. There is no telling how many people this video will reach and what efforts it may prompt. Peggy and Gregg are an inspiration, and we are so proud that they are part of our law firm family.

A few highlights from the video:


People like Peggy and Gregg serve as this bridge from the dark days of a child that have been abused, neglected and abandoned to allow them to see some light where there’s actually love in this world. Unconditional love. Nurturing love.”  -Jim Thompson


The more we’ve done, the more I’ve come to realize this is not about me. This is not about my emotions, it’s not about my broken heart. It’s about the babies, what they need going forward and what the best plan is for them.” – Peggy Nibert

Read Peggy and Gregg’s full story here.

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