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The founder of our firm, Fletcher D. Thompson, returned to Spartanburg, South Carolina with his family in 1975. That same year, he was admitted to practice law in South Carolina and joined two other attorneys in practice, both of whom eventually left the firm to join the South Carolina Judiciary.

Thinking back on his first adoption hearing, Mr. Thompson states:

After going through the required legal procedures, we appeared in court for the final hearing. I can still visualize the atmosphere in that courtroom. The happy adopting couple held their new baby, the presiding judge sat on his bench anxious to hear the only happy experience of the day. We knew the birth mother was pleased that her baby would have a bright future with loving parents. Following the hearing, the judge was pleased to pose with the new family for a photo.

He soon realized that adoption was where he wished to focus his area of practice. In 1989, his son, James Fletcher Thompson (Jim), joined him in practice. In addition to an interest in the area of adoption, Jim expanded the firm’s practice into the field of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in the early 1990s.

Acknowledging that the field of adoption within South Carolina was a hybrid between the law and social work, the firm unprecedentedly added a full-time social worker to its staff in 1997. This model has proven to be a success, and the firm currently has four social workers as part of our team.

Recognizing a need for adoption resources in the Lowcountry, the firm opened the Charleston office in 2004. In 2008, Jim Thompson became one of three attorneys in the country to achieve Hague approval from the Council on Accreditation as authorized by the United States Department of State, allowing the firm the ability to provide expectant parents with a greater variety in the selection of adoptive parents for their children.

Our firm would be honored to have a part in helping you build your family, whether it is through adoption or ART. Everyone in our office is committed to providing highly competent and ethical professional services. We would be privileged to assist you in your journey.

The firm strives to exceed client expectations through open communication, mutual respect, and with the experienced and compassionate assistance of an unparalleled professional staff. In family building cases, the firm will be child-focused, accepting only those cases which are consistent with a child’s best interest. In civil litigation cases, the firm will be integrity-driven, vigilantly and tirelessly working to achieve justice for, and improve the lives of our clients.

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