Helping Women Grow Body, Mind and Soul

Over the next few months, Thompson Dove Law Group will be running a series aimed at recognizing the strength and benevolence of all birth parents. Our first feature of this series was Bravelove. This month, we will focus on Big Tough Girl, a blog dedicated to helping women grow body, mind and soul.


“There is nothing simple about adoption. It is the most complex and beautiful thing that I have ever had the privilege of being associated with.” Ashley Mitchell, owner of Big Tough Girl makes it her goal to be committed to birth mothers and adoptive parents in any way that she can. Big Tough Girl believes that every woman has a story, and their bi-monthly adoption blog allows these stories to be shared. Placing a baby for adoption is a selfless, difficult, and loving act that should be admired and supported. Big Tough Girl supports all parties involved in adoption and offers resources to birth mothers, adoptive mothers, expecting mothers, and adoption & healthcare professionals to connect with adoption-bloggers around the world and share experiences.
Mitchell encourages women to live by her motto, “reflect on every experience, find the treasure and throw out the rest with the garbage!” Adoption is a complex and beautiful journey and no one is expected to travel it alone. Join the Big Tough Girl Project to connect with other strong women or take part in one of the various workshops offered to all women and find the “big tough girl” inside of you.

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