August Team Spotlight: Shannon Matteson J.D.

Here at Thompson Dove Law Group, we have a passion for building families through adoption and assisted reproduction. This passion comes from the rewarding work we do, and from the incredible team that makes all of our efforts a reality. Throughout the year, we will give you an insider’s look into what makes life at our firm truly special.

August’s featured team member is the Director of our Gestational Surrogacy Program, Shannon Matteson J.D.

shannon matteson james fletcher thompson

1) What is your official title?

Gestational Carrier Program Coordinator

2) How long have you worked at Thompson Dove Law Group?

3 years

3) Describe a typical day on the job.

There really is not “typical” day, as we are still making changes to our developing Gestational Carrier Program.  Most days involve some combination of answering e-mails, working on documents, and coordinating screening of potential carriers or coordinating matches.

3) Why are you passionate about adoption and assisted reproduction?

For my entire career, I have focused on helping individuals and couples expand their families.  There can be no greater joy than playing some small role in helping someone grow their family!

4) What has been your most joyous or monumental memory with the company so far?

The first positive surrogate pregnancy!

5) Describe yourself in three words.

Caring. Kind. Encouraging.

6) What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Working with a great team of like-minded, kind, smart, and funny individuals who share my love for helping expand families!

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