Adoption Statistics Released for the First Time in 30 Years

adoption statistics

The National Council for Adoption (NCFA) recently released “Adoption by the Numbers.” It is the most comprehensive statistical report of its breadth since 1985, when the NCFA released its first Adoption by the Numbers. The National Council for Adoption is nonprofit and nonpartisan organization advocating for adoption with a mission to meet the needs of all of those touched by the adoption process.

When it comes to private adoptions, the data has been especially sparse, as states have not been required to track information on private adoptions since 1975. The US Department of Health keeps information on foster care adoptions and the US Department of State on international adoptions, but Adoption by the Numbers gives a comprehensive look at adoption across the board.

The NCFA wanted to provide information and data that will help “policymakers, adoption agencies, social workers, attorneys, health professionals, researchers, adopted persons, biological parents, and potential adoptive parents” have access. Adoption by the Numbers provides these groups and individuals with information on foster care, international, and domestic adoptions alike.

The data unfortunately shows that there has been a drop in the total number of adoptions, from 133,737 in 2007 to 110,373 adoptions in 2014. The report attributes this to a drop in international adoptions by Americans, but on the bright side the number of infant adoptions in the US has remained relatively steady.

Visit the NCFA website for access to the full 41 page report and find a statistic that means something to you. As adoption advocates and members of the adoption constellation, it is important that we educate those around us on the facts of adoption. For many years, adoption was considered a taboo topic, but sharing information, like The NCFA’s data can show the prevalence of the adoption process.

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