A Guide to Posting About Adoption on Social Media

When you’re an adoptive parent and everything finally comes through, all you want to do is publicize the great news! Adoption is an exciting, life-changing process and you’re going to want to share this moment with your friends and family! However, it is important to think about things before posting them on social media. Of course, adoption is never something to hide and it absolutely should be shared and encouraged! But what you need to stop and think about is which intimate details about your new child’s life he or she might want to keep private down the road.

Your adoption story is not entirely yours to publicize on such a public forum. Be conscious about what you chose to post and leave the more intimate details for your child to share or not share on his or her own.

Also, keep your child’s birth parents in mind.  There are many adoptive cases where the birth parents and the adoptive parents have an intimate relationship and the birth parents remain involved in their child’s life. Such relationships are incredibly precious. However, no matter how close your relationship may be, is important for adoptive parents to be respectful to the birth parent’s privacy. Your child’s birth parents may not want their private information published on Facebook for all of your community to see. They may not want their names or photos on social media and it is important to respect such wishes. If you’re unsure, always ask. Remember, your time of joy may be a birth parent’s time of sadness.


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