4 Ways to Fundraise for an Adoption

Whether you are looking to adopt, you know someone who is adopting or you are just trying to learn more about the adoption process, the fact remains that adoptions can be quite the financial investment. To begin our adoption matching program here at The Offices of James Fletcher Thompson, we go over a detailed summary of our firm’s adoption procedures and discuss time frames and costs with potential clients. One of the first things to discuss is the financial commitment involved with adoption.

Here are 4 ideas to help kickstart fundraising for your adoption:


Invite your neighborhood to a meal hosted by you!

Pick a theme, like spaghetti night, chili cook off, or pancake breakfast and spread the word. Printing flyers can be pricey, so stick to e-vites. Taking this approach also allows you to send reminders periodically as the event approaches. Provide the full details on the purpose of the fundraiser and open up the conversation for questions. There will be people who have never met someone adopting and they might have questions, so be prepared to answer!

Sporting events are fun way to start the fundraising process as well.

Get together with a local track, the YMCA or a bike trail to see if they are willing to collaborate with you and your family to host a 5k, a walkathon or a bikeathon. This will allow for multiple opportunities to raise money. Have participants pay for a ticket initially and have another booth set up inside the event with bake sale treats or other homemade goodies that can be profitable.

Use your skills to provide a service.

One idea that we love is providing gift wrapping services during the holidays. The overhead cost is inexpensive and if you are able to work with a local store or mall to set up in a central location, people will jump at the opportunity to make things easier during the holidays.

Host a benefit concert.

Even if you aren’t close with any local bands, reach out to musicians that are popular in your area and explain your situation to them. They might not be willing to do the concert for free, but they might offer to do it at a discounted rate. Take this opportunity to put on a benefit concert to help in raising money. Small snacks and drinks can be provided by you at a low cost and even if you charge $10-$15 per ticket and you have a good turnout, this will help!

While all of these are wonderful ways to assist in fundraising, the overall theme is being able to make personal sacrifices. Cutting costs around the household budget and constantly having new fundraising ideas in the works will make a difference in the long run. We are happy to work with families who are still wondering what kind of financial impact they are able to handle. One thing we do promise though, is that once that child is brought home, you will never look back.


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