Dale Dove

Dale Dove


I became an attorney because I wanted to help people deal with life’s challenges. This remains my passion today – helping people. Being in active law practice since 1983, my areas of practice focus on:

  • Adoption
  • Personal Injury
  • General Legal Counsel

A primary focus in my life is to encourage people to use their talents and resources to create the culture of Christ where they live, work, study and play. My personal ministry includes the following:

  • Helping the poor, the homeless and jobless in our community, and encouraging the local church to take on greater responsibility in helping those in need;
  • Previously serving with the cold weather warming shelter for homeless men and women in York County, preparing and coordinated meals, and recruiting and training volunteers;
  • Previously serving as a volunteer teacher for inmates incarcerated at the York County Moss Justice Center, and provide inmates with inspirational books and reading glasses;
  • Founding Renew Our Community (ROC), a non-profit community effort established to unite the people of York County to renew broken lives (those struggling with economic poverty, addiction, mental impairments, joblessness, homelessness, and other types of social crisis) and to build up the entire community.
  • Encouraging churches to help support and promote foster parenting, adoption, and those in our communities who are presently serving children and families, foster parents and those seeking to give children “forever families” through adoption;

My present community ministry focus is to bring affordable housing and the American Dream of home ownership to people with moderate and lower incomes.

Adoptive Parent

My wife Susan and I have one child, our daughter Beth, who we adopted as an infant. After living through years of struggling with infertility, God blessed us with our precious daughter. Little did I know that these personal experiences would lead me to change the focus of my law practice from corporate and tax, to helping others build their families through adoption.

Dale’s Family

Susan and I both grew up in Rock Hill, SC, and chose to make it our home when we married. Susan is an elementary teacher for the Rock Hill School District. Beth is now married and works at Ebenezer Animal Clinic. Our son-in-law, Daniel, works for Comporium Communications. Several years ago, they were blessed to adopt their daughter, Avery. She is absolute blessing from God!

Angel In Adoption Recognition

God has allowed me to have a passion for adoption and all those involved in this area – birth parents finding themselves facing crisis pregnancies; children needing safe, stable, loving families and homes; those wishing to build their families through adoption; and those working to provide adoption related services. I have also been blessed with a staff and family who share this passion. I was truly encouraged in 2008 when I received an Angel in Adoption, US Congressional recognition. It was such a honor to participate with many from around our Country who have made valuable contributions in this important area of life.

For Fun

I enjoy landscaping, working on my truck and 2005 Mustang, snowmobiling in the winter, flying kites and playing bocce on the beach. I even have my own web site with special rules for playing bocce on the beach. I call it “bocce with a break.” Check it out at: www.beachbocce.info

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